Thursday, March 30, 2017

Keith Green – When There's Love

Keith Green – When I First Trusted You

Keith Green – Thank You Jesus

Keith Green – Run to the End of the Highway

Keith Green – On the Road to Jericho

Keith Green – Keith's Piano Prelude

Keith Green – Jesus Commands Us to Go

Keith Green – Dust to Dust

Keith Green – Don't You Wish You Had the Answer

Keith Green – Create in Me a Clean Heart

Keith Green – A Billion Starving People

Zion – On That Day

Zion – New Creation

Zion – Matter Of Time

Zion – Joyful Noise

Zion – Joy Of The Lord

Zion – It Is Finished

Zion – Hold Tight

Zion – Dragon Slayer

Zion – Carry On

Victory – Yes I Do

Victory – Taking The Fight (To The Enemy)

Victory – Resting In Your Life

Victory – Never Ever Told Me

Victory – Life In Hell

Victory – I Want To Be Holy

Victory – I Come Out Stronger

Victory – Here And Now

Victory – Friendly Persuasion

Victory – Easy Chair

Victory – Do You Look As Good

Various Artists – ARGH!!! – The Throes – Elisabeth

Various Artists – ARGH!!! – The Throes – Dead End Street

Various Artists – ARGH!!! – The Lead – The Empty Sepulchre

Various Artists – ARGH!!! – Sacrament – Slave To Sin

Various Artists – ARGH!!! – Primitive Dance Tribe – Too Tired To Tremble

Various Artists – ARGH!!! – No Laughing Matter – Frustration

Various Artists – ARGH!!! – Nina Llopis – You Hold Your Heart

Various Artists – ARGH!!! – Living Sacrifice – Progressive Change

Various Artists – ARGH!!! – Haven – The Calling

Various Artists – ARGH!!! – Greg Minier – Do Not Be Deceived

Various Artists – ARGH!!! – Believer – Vile Hypocrisy

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

John Mehler – There Will Come a Time

John Mehler – Point of View

John Mehler – Hey Landlord

John Mehler – Gate Into the Sky

John Mehler – Drive Away

John Mehler – Child of Heaven

John Mehler – Channel 53

John Mehler – Call for Surrender

John Mehler – Back in Love

John Mehler – All of Your Love

Gideon´s Army – Warrior Of Love

Gideon´s Army – Video

Gideon´s Army – Runaway

Gideon´s Army – No Fun

Gideon´s Army – Moment by Moment

Gideon´s Army – Its Your Love

Gideon´s Army – I Know You Could See

Gideon´s Army – I Know Someone

Gideon´s Army – Face to Face

Gideon´s Army – Backsliding Brother

Fast Forward – Trouble In The City

Fast Forward – Take Me Away

Fast Forward – Reach For Heaven

Fast Forward – Message In America

Fast Forward – I'll See You Once Again

Fast Forward – He'll Never Leave You

Fast Forward – Child Of Society

Fast Forward – Anwser The Call

Friday, March 17, 2017

I see some ministers are protesting Trump's immigration policy. How can we help these poor immigrants if we can't break the law and bring them here illegally? I'm kind of confused because as Christians aren't we supposed to render unto Ceaser, i.e. obey the law? Also, Keith Green once pointed out that God can't cash out of state checks in heaven, God calls US to go, not our money. Why do people have to immigrate to this country to get our help? How about, if we're called, we don't send for the people who need our help, we go to them? Just food for thought.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Darrell Mansfield – When The Curtain Falls

Darrell Mansfield – Power Of Love

Darrell Mansfield – Not Far Away

Darrell Mansfield – Never Be The Same

Darrell Mansfield – Mr. Rock 'N' Roll

Darrell Mansfield – Life Saver

Darrell Mansfield – Heaven Southwestern

Darrell Mansfield – Get Ready

Darrell Mansfield – Flow Like A River

Darrell Mansfield – Billy Joe

Darrell Mansfield – Above The Water

Dallas Holm – While I'm Standing Here

Dallas Holm – We Have Overcome

Dallas Holm – This Breath Of Life

Dallas Holm – Prayer Warriors

Dallas Holm – Mystified

Dallas Holm – Live What You Say

Dallas Holm – Just Don't Feel Like Dancin'

Dallas Holm – It's War

Dallas Holm – Change The World

Dallas Holm – Care For The Wounded

Bryan Duncan – You're Never Alone

Bryan Duncan – You Can Rely On Me

Bryan Duncan – Whistlin' In The Dark

Bryan Duncan – When I Think of Home

Bryan Duncan – Paradise

Bryan Duncan – Help is on the Way

Bryan Duncan – Every Heart Has An Open Door

Bryan Duncan – Break Out of Chains

Bryan Duncan – All My Life

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Michael W Smith – You're Alright

Michael W Smith – Wired For Sound

Michael W Smith – Voices

Michael W Smith – The Last Letter

Michael W Smith – Tearin' Down The Wall

Michael W Smith – Rocketown

Michael W Smith – Pursuit Of The Dream

Michael W Smith – Old Enough To Know

Michael W Smith – Lamu

Michael W Smith – Goin' Thru The Motions

Michael W Smith – Piano Outro

Mark Heard – With Broken Wings

Mark Heard – The Power Of Love

Mark Heard – The Golden Age

Mark Heard – Schizophrenia

Mark Heard – Miracle

Mark Heard – It Will Not Be Like This Forever

Mark Heard – I Want You

Mark Heard – Heart On The Line

Mark Heard – He Plays The Game

Mark Heard – All Is Not Lost

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tim Koller – The Puzzle

Tim Koller – The Just Shall Live By Faith

Tim Koller – Take Another Drink

Tim Koller – Spiritual Counterfeits

Tim Koller – Rock–N–Roll for Jesus

Tim Koller – New World Comin'

Tim Koller – May You Get All the Glory

Tim Koller – Last Days

Scott Wesley Brown – When Answers Aren't Enough

Scott Wesley Brown – Then He Comes

Scott Wesley Brown – The Red Sea Parted

Scott Wesley Brown – The Name of Jesus is Excellent

Scott Wesley Brown – Somebody's Brother

Scott Wesley Brown – Praise be to God our Lord

Scott Wesley Brown – I Walked Today

Scott Wesley Brown – Goliath

Scott Wesley Brown – Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Scott Wesley Brown – Above the Storm

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Imperials – There's No Time Till You Take It

The Imperials – The Trumpet Of Jesus

The Imperials – Seek Ye First

The Imperials – Pieces

The Imperials – Into My Life

The Imperials – I'd Rather Believe In You

The Imperials – Finish What You Started

The Imperials – Be Still My Soul

The Imperials – Any Good Time At All

Larry Norman – You Can't Take Away The Lord

Larry Norman – Walking Backwards Down The Stairs

Larry Norman – The Last Supper

Larry Norman – Sweet Sweet Song Of Salvation

Larry Norman – Postlude

Larry Norman – Nothing Really Changes

Larry Norman – Moses In The Wilderness

Larry Norman – I Wish We'd All Been Ready

Larry Norman – I Don't Believe In Miracles

Larry Norman – Ha Ha World

Larry Norman – Forget Your Hexagram

Sunday, March 5, 2017

People wonder why I don't like the press. A tale of two stories.
1. Even though we have no proof that Trump colluded with the Russians we have to do countless reports on the issue because the charges are so serious they could hurt Donald Trump's presidency.
2. Because Trump has not shown us any proof that Obama wiretapped him he should keep his mouth shut because the charges are so serious he might damage Obama's presidency.

Stryper – To Hell With The Devil

Stryper – The Way

Stryper – Sing Along Song

Stryper – Rockin' The World

Stryper – More Than A Man

Stryper – Honestly

Stryper – Holding On

Stryper – Free

Stryper – Calling On You

Stryper – All Of Me

Stryper – Abyss (To Hell With The Devil)

Traxter – Turn And Face

Traxter – Traxter

Traxter – The Flight

Traxter – The Day

Traxter – Mr Love

Traxter – J.S.N

Traxter – Honest Report

Traxter – Holy Rockin

Traxter – Evil Day

Traxter – Come To Open Arms

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Modern Mission – When Heaven’s Crying

Modern Mission – Time to Fight

Modern Mission – Time is Running Out

Modern Mission – Through the Fire

Modern Mission – The Race

Modern Mission – Stick to Your Guns

Modern Mission – Never Let Me Go

Modern Mission – Magazine

Modern Mission – Hide My Heart

Modern Mission – Believe in You

Light Force – Searching

Light Force – Mystical Thieves

Light Force – Metal Missionary

Light Force – Fastlane

Light Force – Crossfire

Light Force – City Streets