Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Keith Green – The Prodigal Son Suite

Keith Green – Song for Josiah

Keith Green – Open Your Eyes

Keith Green – Only by Following Jesus

Keith Green – Love with Me (Melody's Song)

Keith Green – Lord I'm Gonna Love You

Keith Green – Keep All that Junk to Yourself

Keith Green – I Can't Wait to Get to Heaven

Sandi Patti – Yes, God Is Real

Sandi Patti – When The Time Comes

Sandi Patti – We Shall Behold Him

Sandi Patti – Upon This Rock

Sandi Patti – More Than Wonderful

Sandi Patti – Jesus Loves Me

Sandi Patti – It's Your Song Lord

Sandi Patti – In His Love

Sandi Patti – How Majestic Is Your Name

Sandi Patti – Because Of Who You Are

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Steven Curtis Chapman – Who Makes the Rules

Steven Curtis Chapman – Way Beyond the Blue

Steven Curtis Chapman – Waiting for Lightning

Steven Curtis Chapman – Treasure Island

Steven Curtis Chapman – Out in the Highways

Steven Curtis Chapman – More to This Life

Steven Curtis Chapman – More Than Words

Steven Curtis Chapman – Love You With My Life

Steven Curtis Chapman – Living for the Moment

Steven Curtis Chapman – In This Little Room

Steven Curtis Chapman – I Will Be Here

Steve Taylor – You've Been Bought

Steve Taylor – You Don't Owe Me Nothing

Steve Taylor – To Forgive

Steve Taylor – This Disco (Used To Be A Cute Cathedral)

Steve Taylor – On The Fritz

Steve Taylor – Lifeboat

Steve Taylor – It's a Personal Thing

Steve Taylor – I Manipulate

Steve Taylor – I Just Wanna Know

Steve Taylor – Drive, He Said

Friday, February 24, 2017

Glenn Kaiser – You Are The Source

Glenn Kaiser – Wedding Prayer

Glenn Kaiser – Tapestry

Glenn Kaiser – Surrender

Glenn Kaiser – Reveal Yourself To Me

Glenn Kaiser – Lord Of All

Glenn Kaiser – Like a Little Child

Glenn Kaiser – In The Ocean Of His Love

Glenn Kaiser – Here We Are Gathered

Glenn Kaiser – For Thee I Wait

Glenn Kaiser – Ever Closer

Glenn Kaiser – Blessed Are The People

Glenn Kaiser – Behold The Lamb Of God

Glenn Kaiser – All My Days

David Zaffiro – Through His Eyes

David Zaffiro – The Song

David Zaffiro – Let It Go

David Zaffiro – In Scarlet Storm

David Zaffiro – I Wait Alone

David Zaffiro – I Give This Life To You

David Zaffiro – Holding Fast

David Zaffiro – He's Lying To Ya

David Zaffiro – Blue Ice

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Daniel Amos Live Bootleg – Through The Speakers

Daniel Amos Live Bootleg – The Surf Suite

Daniel Amos Live Bootleg – Mall All Over The World

Daniel Amos Live Bootleg – Love Has Open Arms

Daniel Amos Live Bootleg – I'm On Your Team

Daniel Amos Live Bootleg – I Love You #19

Daniel Amos Live Bootleg – Hound Of Heaven

Daniel Amos Live Bootleg – Hit Them (With Love)

Daniel Amos Live Bootleg – Ghost Of The Heart

Daniel Amos Live Bootleg – Faces To The Window

Daniel Amos Live Bootleg – Everyone's Fallen Down

Daniel Amos Live Bootleg – Baby Game

Daniel Amos Live Bootleg – Alarma!

Daniel Amos – The Whistler

Daniel Amos – Soon

Daniel Amos – Sail Me Away

Daniel Amos – Posse In The Sky

Daniel Amos – Lady Goodbye

Daniel Amos – He's Gonna Do A Number On You

Daniel Amos – Finale–Bereshith Overture

Daniel Amos – Better

Monday, February 20, 2017

Whitecross – When The Walls Tumble Down

Whitecross – When The Clock Strikes

Whitecross – Walk With Me

Whitecross – Top Of The World

Whitecross – The Hammer And The Nail

Whitecross – Take It To The Limit

Whitecross – Resist Him

Whitecross – Living On The Edge

Whitecross – Living In A Lost World

Whitecross – Because Of Jesus

The Pat Terry Group – You

The Pat Terry Group – Wonder of Your Love

The Pat Terry Group – To Me For You

The Pat Terry Group – Things I Never Knew

The Pat Terry Group – Sweet Music

The Pat Terry Group – One Step Closer

The Pat Terry Group – New New New

The Pat Terry Group – Never Lose a Minute

The Pat Terry Group – Melody For You

The Pat Terry Group – Ladder of Love

The Pat Terry Group – I Feel Free

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Daniel Amos – She's All Heart

Quickflight – Shuttle

Quickflight – Rendezvous

Quickflight – Pink Shirts

Quickflight – Ok

Quickflight – Modern Romans

Quickflight – I Saw You

Quickflight – Fine Line

Quickflight – Feelin Sad

Quickflight – Break Away

Quickflight – Break Away (Outro)

Quickflight – Between the Lines

Quickflight – Atheist

Jerusalem – Tomorrow's World

Jerusalem – The Wind Is Blowing

Jerusalem – The Waiting

Jerusalem – The Missing Piece

Jerusalem – Read Between The Lines

Jerusalem – Mourner's Parade

Jerusalem – Love's You More

Jerusalem – Let's Go Dancin'

Jerusalem – Heartbeat

Jerusalem – Can't Stop Us Now

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Stryper – You Won't Be Lonely

Stryper – You Know What To Do

Stryper – Winter Wonderland

Stryper – Reason For The Season

Stryper – My Love I'll Always Show

Stryper – Loving You

Stryper – Loud 'N' Clear

Stryper – From Wrong To Right

Stryper – Co'mon Rock

Phil Keaggy – Your Steadfast Love

Phil Keaggy – Prayer for the Kingdom

Phil Keaggy – O Come Let Us Worship

Phil Keaggy – My Sun and My Shield

Phil Keaggy – Love of My Lord-Redwood Tree

Phil Keaggy – Lion of Judah

Phil Keaggy – He is My Light

Phil Keaggy – Courts of the King

Phil Keaggy – Come To Me

Phil Keaggy – At the Mention of Your Name

Phil Keaggy – All That I Can Do

Petra – Witch Hunt

Petra – Voice in the Wind

Petra – Speak to the Sky

Petra – It Is Finished

Petra – Hollow Eyes

Petra – God Gave Rock and Roll to You

Petra – Computer Brains

Petra – Clean

Petra – Beat the System

Petra – Adonai

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Brave – When You're Alone

The Brave – Trust

The Brave – Tomorrow

The Brave – The River

The Brave – Rage Of The Age

The Brave – Long Way To Heaven

The Brave – Following You

The Brave – Don't

The Brave – Dirty Water

The Brave – Can't Let The Devil Win

Sacred Blue – Untitled

Sacred Blue – The World in My Mind

Sacred Blue – Rest

Sacred Blue – Out of the Darkness

Sacred Blue – Highway 93

Sacred Blue – Dressed in White

Sacred Blue – Dark House

Sacred Blue – Cry on My Shoulder

Sacred Blue – Castle Walls

Sacred Blue – By the Roadside

Sacred Blue – Ask Me No More

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Rich Mullins – These Days

Rich Mullins – Save Me

Rich Mullins – Prisoner

Rich Mullins – Nothing But A Miracle

Rich Mullins – New Heart

Rich Mullins – Live Right

Rich Mullins – Elijah

Rich Mullins – Both Feet On The Ground

Rich Mullins – A Place To Stand

Rich Mullins – A Few Good Men

Reignbow – Whirlwind

Reignbow – Where Would I Be

Reignbow – The Message

Reignbow – Shauna's Song

Reignbow – See You In The Rapture

Reignbow – Rainbow

Reignbow – Questions

Reignbow – Puppet Strings

Reignbow – King Of Hearts

Reignbow – He Gave Me A Reason