Friday, November 18, 2016

This has financially been a very bad year for us. My son did not have muchI  of a worth while Christmas last year in 2015 in gifts, I have been fighting the economy including temps who do not have jobs and one that I almost had that rudely backed out on me. We would greatly appriciate any help that you can provide being it is a $5 donation or $100 donation. Anything that goes above 500 will help in Christmas dinner and any bills that we have struggled to catch up. Thank you in advance for doing what you can do to help our son not wake up on Christmas morning without any gifts under the tree.

Note: Me and my wife are not worrying about ourselves, Just our son Logan.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Steve Taylor – We Don't Need No Colour Code

Steve Taylor – Sin For A Season

Steve Taylor – Over My Dead Body

Steve Taylor – Meltdown (At Madame Tussaud's)

Steve Taylor – Meat The Press

Steve Taylor – Jenny

Steve Taylor – Hero

Steve Taylor – Guilty By Association

Steve Taylor – Baby Doe

Steve Taylor – Am I In Sync

Apostle – Unlimited Power

Apostle – Parting The Red Sea

Apostle – Overcomer

Apostle – King Of The Saints

Apostle – King Of Kings

Apostle – Holy Soldier

Apostle – Conquerors

Apostle – Bread Of Life

Apostle – Born Again

Apostle – Armageddon

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Plankeye – Step away

Plankeye – Sacred

Plankeye – Revolution

Plankeye – Power

Plankeye – Open eyes

Plankeye – Know way

Plankeye – Good news

Plankeye – Free me

Plankeye – Forever

Plankeye – Bold

Brown Bannister – Talk To One Another

Brown Bannister – Sometimes My Heart

Brown Bannister – Nature Of Love

Brown Bannister – Lutte De Coeur

Brown Bannister – Love Waits For You

Brown Bannister – Love Song

Brown Bannister – Lay It All Down

Brown Bannister – I Loved You Once

Brown Bannister – Honesty

Brown Bannister – Create In Me A Clean Heart

Brown Bannister – Carry On

Benny Hester – We All Know He's Coming Again

Benny Hester – The Door

Benny Hester – Sure of Your Call

Benny Hester – Such a Relief

Benny Hester – Squeeze You

Benny Hester – Only You

Benny Hester – Jesus Came Into My Life

Benny Hester – Gonna Happen Here

Benny Hester – Be A Receiver

Benny Hester – All You Can Do