Sunday, October 30, 2016

Just some of my thoughts on the one year anniversary of the death of my wife. Her life I feel all around me. Her voice I hear soothingly in my dreams where she still lives. Her touch awakens my skin and my soul. Her smile is etched in my mind where it warms my heart. Her pain speaks to me of her courage, the strength of her last days. Her gentleness is reflected in those who gave her care. She vanishes and I am overwhelmed with grief. But God's love lifts me up as I think of the times we shared and her love lingers on and gives me strength. Knowing she rests safely in the arms of God. So much love after so much pain.

Mylon Lefevre & Broken Heart - Stranger To Danger (Official Video)

Surrender - Vector (Official Video)

Vector - Mannequin Virtue (Official Video)

Steven Curtis Chapman - The Great Adventure (Official Video)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Heaven In The Real World Official Video

Whitecross - In The Kingdom (Official Video)

Legend Seven - After the Fall (Official Video)

DeGarmo & Key - Ultimate Ruler (Official Video)

Guardian - Shoeshine Johnny

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Randy Stonehill – The Glory and the Flame

Randy Stonehill – Rainbow

Randy Stonehill – Letter To My Family

Randy Stonehill – Grandfather's Song

Randy Stonehill – Givin' It Up For Love

Randy Stonehill – Find Your Way to Me

Randy Stonehill – Fifth Avenue Breakdown

Randy Stonehill – Farther on

Randy Stonehill – Die Young

Randy Stonehill – Christine

Various Artists – Righteous Metal II – X Sinner – Livin' On the Edge

Various Artists – Righteous Metal II – Tourniquet – You Get What You Pr...

Various Artists – Righteous Metal II – Sacred Warrior – Minister By Night

Various Artists – Righteous Metal II – One Bad Pig – See Me Sweat

Various Artists – Righteous Metal II – Novella – Do We Just Surrender

Various Artists – Righteous Metal II – Joshua – Crying Out For Love

Various Artists – Righteous Metal II – Jet Circus – Victory Dance

Various Artists – Righteous Metal II – Holy Soldier – When the Reign Co...

Various Artists – Righteous Metal II – Believer – Nonpoint

Various Artists – Righteous Metal II – Angelica – Harvest

Steve Green – You Want To Now Will You

Steve Green – We Have Seen God's Glory

Steve Green – Only Jesus Calvary's Love

Steve Green – Let Us Praise the Almighty

Steve Green – I Will Lift Up

Steve Green – Higher Ground

Steve Green – God and God Alone

Steve Green – Enter In

Steve Green – Call to Worship The Majesty and Glory of Your Name

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bride – Whiskey Seed

Bride – Out For Blood

Bride – Metal Might

Bride – Live To Die

Bride – In The Dark

Bride – Heroes

Bride – Here Comes The Bride

Bride – Hell No

Bride – Fire And Brimstone

9th Street – Tonight

9th Street – The Prayer

9th Street – The Feeling´s Gone

9th Street – Some Time

9th Street – Sabotage And Secrets

9th Street – Ordnary Man

9th Street – Nobody Knows

9th Street – I heard It Through The Grapewine

9th Street – Feel It

9th Street – Confusion

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Daniel Amos – The Unattainable Earth

Daniel Amos – The Shape of Air

Daniel Amos – Strange Animals

Daniel Amos – Safety Net

Daniel Amos – Return of the Beat Menace

Daniel Amos – Pictures of the Gone World

Daniel Amos – Half Light, Epoch, and Phase

Daniel Amos – Earth Household

Daniel Amos – Divine Instant

Daniel Amos – Darn Floor – Big Bite

Resurrection Band – White Noise

Resurrection Band – The Prisoner

Resurrection Band – So In Love With You

Resurrection Band – Reluctance

Resurrection Band – No Alibi

Resurrection Band – Military Man

Resurrection Band – Lonely Hearts

Resurrection Band – I Need Your Love

Resurrection Band – Babylon

Resurrection Band – Area 312

Shadowfox – Why Hate God

Shadowfox – Time For A Change

Shadowfox – Tears In The Rain

Shadowfox – Sing Me A Song

Shadowfox – Save The World

Shadowfox – Paradise

Shadowfox – Not Tonight

Shadowfox – In My Sleep

Shadowfox – Heart Of Darkness

Shadowfox – Heads You Win

Shadowfox – Devil On Mtv

Shadowfox – Crossin The Line

Shadowfox – Chase My Blues Away

Richie Furay – What's the Matter, Please

Richie Furay – Satisfied

Richie Furay – Oooh Child

Richie Furay – Oh Mary

Richie Furay – Lonely Too Long

Richie Furay – Island Love

Richie Furay – I Was a Fool

Richie Furay – I Still Have Dreams

Richie Furay – Headin' South

Richie Furay – Come On

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Red Sea – Wolves At The Door

Red Sea – Walk On Fire

Red Sea – Tears Of Joy

Red Sea – Soulshaker

Red Sea – Shades Of Purple

Red Sea – Losin My Way

Red Sea – Last Days Of Winter

Red Sea – Hellbound Train

Red Sea – Dust To Dust

Red Sea – Down Home Static

Red Sea – Blood

Amy Wolter – Where My Heart Is

Amy Wolter – We All Need

Amy Wolter – Two Worlds

Amy Wolter – There Won't Be A Next Time

Amy Wolter – The Promise

Amy Wolter – Oils On This Canvas

Amy Wolter – New Start

Amy Wolter – Don't Seem Right

Amy Wolter – Break My Fall

Amy Wolter – Blue Skies

Amy Wolter – Be That Child

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Stryken – The Young Men Have A Vision

Stryken – The Answer

Stryken – Surprise

Stryken – State Of Emergency

Stryken – Rock On

Stryken – Riot

Stryken – One Way

Stryken – First Strike

Stryken – Crush The Head Of Satan

Steve Green – When His Kingdom Comes

Steve Green – Touch Your People Once Again

Steve Green – The Lord Is Lifted Up

Steve Green – That's Where The Joy Comes From

Steve Green – I Can See (On The Emmaus Road)

Steve Green – Praise To The King

Steve Green – Honor The Lord

Steve Green – Celebrate His Good Life

iDEoLA – Why Can't We Just Say No

iDEoLA – Watching the Ship Go Down

iDEoLA – Talk to Me

iDEoLA – Love Is Bigger Than Life

iDEoLA – Is It Any Wonder

iDEoLA – I Am an Emotional Man

iDEoLA – How to Grow up Big and Strong

iDEoLA – Hold Back Your Tears

iDEoLA – Go Ask the Dead Man

iDEoLA – Everybody Dances

Various Artists – Twelve New Faces – Zion – Is It A Crime

Various Artists – Twelve New Faces – Wil Comstock – Kids On The Corner

Various Artists – Twelve New Faces – Selah – Greater Good

Various Artists – Twelve New Faces – Reigh Giglio – Round And Round

Various Artists – Twelve New Faces – Pierce Pettis – Seven Times Seventy

Various Artists – Twelve New Faces – Phil Madeira – The Only Thing I Can...

Various Artists – Twelve New Faces – Open City – Life Is So Strange

Various Artists – Twelve New Faces – Milo Carter – Line My Streets With ...

Various Artists – Twelve New Faces – Heartbeat – Air That I Breathe

Various Artists – Twelve New Faces – Brooks Williams – Mystery

Various Artists – Twelve New Faces – Brighton – Stay With Me

Various Artists – Twelve New Faces – 2 Tru – Tell Me Your Idea

Pam Mark Hall – Your Book

Pam Mark Hall – Who Taught You the Game

Pam Mark Hall – Two Worlds

Pam Mark Hall – Strength to Be Weak

Pam Mark Hall – Never Fades Away

Pam Mark Hall – Lord of the Starfields

Pam Mark Hall – Little Miss Much Afraid

Pam Mark Hall – If Ever

Pam Mark Hall – Gonna Love You

Pam Mark Hall – Burning in My Heart

Michele Pillar – You've Known Me All My Life

Michele Pillar – You

Michele Pillar – You Were There All Along

Michele Pillar – Walk Across Heaven

Michele Pillar – The Things I Hope For You

Michele Pillar – Rock Of Love

Michele Pillar – More Than Just A Man

Michele Pillar – In Nazareth There's A Carpenter

Michele Pillar – I Can Do It All By Myself

Michele Pillar – Free From The Night

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dan Peek – You're My Savior

Dan Peek – Ready For Love

Dan Peek – One Way

Dan Peek – Love Was Just Another Word

Dan Peek – Lighthouse

Dan Peek – I Have To Say Goodbye

Dan Peek – Hometown

Dan Peek – He's All That's Right

Dan Peek – Forgive Me, Forgive You

Dan Peek – Divine Lady