Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ruscha – Thy Word Stands Forever

Ruscha – Someone Listening

Ruscha – Lord Of The Impossible

Ruscha – Holy and True

Ruscha – Exalt the Name

Ruscha – Do You Care

Ruscha – Come Home

Ruscha – Come Alive

Ruscha – Burning Bridges

Ruscha – Broken Heart

Petra – You Are My Rock

Petra – This Means War!

Petra – The Water Is Alive

Petra – Kenaniah

Petra – I Am Available

Petra – He Came, He Saw, He Conquered

Petra – Don't Let Your Heart Be Hardened

Petra – Dead Reckoning

Petra – All The King's Horses

Petra – Get On Your Knees And Fight Like A Man

Amy Grant – Wise Up

Amy Grant – Who To Listen To

Amy Grant – The Prodigal

Amy Grant – Stepping In Your Shoes

Amy Grant – Sharayah

Amy Grant – Love Of Another Kind

Amy Grant – I Love You

Amy Grant – Find A Way

Amy Grant – Fight

Amy Grant – Everywhere I Go

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Broomtree – Without You

Broomtree – Untitled Track

Broomtree – Thought For The Day

Broomtree – There To Guide

Broomtree – The Boy,Girl Song

Broomtree – Still There

Broomtree – Slue Skies

Broomtree – Save You

Broomtree – Realize

Broomtree – Peace

Broomtree – Narrow

Broomtree – Forgotten

Broomtree – Flower In Mud

Amy Grant – Where Do You Hide Your Heart

Amy Grant – Tomorrow

Amy Grant – Thy Word

Amy Grant – The Now And The Not Yet

Amy Grant – Straight Ahead

Amy Grant – Open Arms

Amy Grant – Jehovah

Amy Grant – It's Not A Song

Amy Grant – Doubly Good To You

Amy Grant – Angels

Kerry Livgren – Wandering Spirit

Kerry Livgren – T.G.B

Kerry Livgren – Portrait II

Kerry Livgren – New Kind Of Love

Kerry Livgren – I'll Follow You

Kerry Livgren – Fathers And Sons

Kerry Livgren – Dont Pass Me By

Kerry Livgren – Children Of The Shadows

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Steve Camp – Whatever You Ask

Steve Camp – Upon This Rock

Steve Camp – Trials and Tribulations

Steve Camp – Threshing Floor

Steve Camp – The Great American Novel

Steve Camp – Surrender Your Heart

Steve Camp – Stranger to Holiness

Steve Camp – Shake Me to Wake Me

Steve Camp – Shade For The Children

Steve Camp – Run To The Battle

Steve Camp – One On One

Steve Camp – Love's not a Feeling

Steve Camp – Living in Laodicea

Steve Camp – Living Dangerously In the Hands of God

Steve Camp – Light Your Candle

Steve Camp – Lazy Jane

Steve Camp – It's a Dying World

Steve Camp – He's All You Need

Steve Camp – He Covers Me

Steve Camp – Guard The Trust

Steve Camp – For Every Time

Steve Camp – Foolish Things

Steve Camp – Follow Me

Steve Camp – Fire and Ice

Steve Camp – Farther and Higher

Steve Camp – Don't Tell Them Jesus Loves Them

Steve Camp – Do You Feel Their Pain

Steve Camp – Do Something Now

Steve Camp – Consider The Cost

Steve Camp – Come to the Lord

Steve Camp – Cheap Grace

Steve Camp – After God's Own Heart

Friday, September 23, 2016

Ed Raetzloff – You'll Have It All

Ed Raetzloff – What You Want For Me

Ed Raetzloff – This New Love

Ed Raetzloff – People Get Ready

Ed Raetzloff – Keep The Big Wheels Turning

Ed Raetzloff – Holy Holy

Ed Raetzloff – Hey There Stranger

Ed Raetzloff – Going Home

Ed Raetzloff – For You

Ed Raetzloff – Drivin' Wheels

Scott Wesley Brown – Yeshua Ha Mashiach

Scott Wesley Brown – The Wall

Scott Wesley Brown – Stronger

Scott Wesley Brown – Peace By Peace

Scott Wesley Brown – Kingdom Of Love

Scott Wesley Brown – Jesus I Love You

Scott Wesley Brown – In Jesus Name

Scott Wesley Brown – Give Your Life Away

Scott Wesley Brown – Born To Love You

Scott Wesley Brown – All Of Us Together

Michael W Smith – The Throne

Michael W Smith – Secret Ambition

Michael W Smith – Pray For Me

Michael W Smith – On The Other Side

Michael W Smith – Live And Learn

Michael W Smith – I Miss The Way

Michael W Smith – I Hear Leesha

Michael W Smith – Help You Find Your Way

Michael W Smith – Hand Of Providence

Michael W Smith – Ashton

Michael W Smith – All You're Missing Is A Heartache

Charlie Peacock – Whole Lot Different, Whole Lot The Same

Charlie Peacock – Who Is Not Afraid

Charlie Peacock – Watching Eternity

Charlie Peacock – Turned On An Attitude

Charlie Peacock – Till You Caught My Eye

Charlie Peacock – One, Two, Three (That's Okay)

Charlie Peacock – Lost In Translation

Charlie Peacock – Lie Down In The Grass

Charlie Peacock – It's Gone, It's Over

Charlie Peacock – Human Condition

Church On The Run With Mylon & Christi Le Fevre (Sept. 22)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Peter Beveridge – Winter Nights

Peter Beveridge – Tonight's Your Night

Peter Beveridge – Teflon Salvation

Peter Beveridge – Static on the Frequency

Peter Beveridge – Shine Your Light

Peter Beveridge – Mr Media

Peter Beveridge – Make Up Your Mind

Peter Beveridge – Grinding Wheel

Peter Beveridge – Another Marriage on the Rocks

Peter Beveridge – Add Up the Wonders

Bryn Haworth – Will You Be Ready

Bryn Haworth – Time For A Change

Bryn Haworth – Talk To Me

Bryn Haworth – Slide Don't Fret

Bryn Haworth – Judgement Blues

Bryn Haworth – I'm Grateful

Bryn Haworth – Home Sweet Home

Bryn Haworth – Healing On Me

Bryn Haworth – Cajun Song

Bryn Haworth – All Things Work Together

Bryn Haworth – All Because Of You

BeBe And CeCe Winans – Worth The While

BeBe And CeCe Winans – We Are Not Ashamed

BeBe And CeCe Winans – Up Where We Belong

BeBe And CeCe Winans – Turn

BeBe And CeCe Winans – The Right Choice

BeBe And CeCe Winans – The Giver Of Life

BeBe And CeCe Winans – Nevertheless

BeBe And CeCe Winans – I'm Gonna Miss You (Cece's Wedding Song)

BeBe And CeCe Winans – I Really Love You

BeBe And CeCe Winans – He'll Be There

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

David Meece – You Can Go

David Meece – We Can Overcome It All

David Meece – Tumblin' Down

David Meece – The Unknown Soldier

David Meece – The Ladder

David Meece – The Alien

David Meece – Lean on Each Other

David Meece – I Can See

David Meece – Forgiven

Sacred Warrior – The Heavens Are Calling

Sacred Warrior – Sword Of Victory

Sacred Warrior – Stay Away From Evil

Sacred Warrior – Rebellion

Sacred Warrior – Master Of Lies

Sacred Warrior – Mad, Mad World

Sacred Warrior – He Died

Sacred Warrior – Famine

Sacred Warrior – Day Of The Lord

Sacred Warrior – Children Of The Light

Sacred Warrior – Black Metal

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Pat Terry Group – The Heart Of His Will

The Pat Terry Group – So Many Reasons

The Pat Terry Group – Seen It Now

The Pat Terry Group – One More Try

The Pat Terry Group – IRIS

The Pat Terry Group – I Got To Go Down

The Pat Terry Group – Faith Has Eyes

The Pat Terry Group – Everyday Man

The Pat Terry Group – Everyday Man

The Pat Terry Group – Bring Me To The Balance

The Pat Terry Group – All I Can Be

Morgan Cryar – Underneath Your Feet

Morgan Cryar – Under The Rug