Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sheila Walsh – Lonely When The Lights Go On

Lackluster – Watch Me Dissolve

Lackluster – Tether

Lackluster – Not Afraid

Lackluster – Letting Go

Lackluster – Hallucinate

Lackluster – Eleven

Lackluster – Believe

Lackluster – All My Fault

Wes King – Your Voice

Wes King – That's love

Wes King – Save Me

Wes King – Rain On My Windshield

Wes King – Power In The Name

Wes King – Motivation

Wes King – Holy Ghost

Wes King – Getting Used To The Darkness

Wes King – Don't Say I love You Too Soon

Rob Frazier – Where Love Begins

Rob Frazier – This Town

Rob Frazier – Starting Over

Rob Frazier – It's Alright to Cry

Rob Frazier – It’s The Heart That Matters

Rob Frazier – Hide and Seek

Rob Frazier – Hey Frankie

Rob Frazier – Get Into Motion

Rob Frazier – Break My Heart

Rob Frazier – Army Of Love

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Daybreak – Wraped Up Tight

Daybreak – Feelings

Daybreak – Fear Not

Daybreak – Because It's True

Trace Balin – Why Me

Trace Balin – When The Well Runs Dry

Trace Balin – Well Done

Trace Balin – Never Let It Be Said

Trace Balin – Just Between You And Me

Trace Balin – Jesus At The Heart

Trace Balin – If I Don't Have Love

Trace Balin – Here And Now

Trace Balin – Eye Of The Hurricane

Trace Balin – All Hail The Power

Heavenly Metal Ballads – Whitecross – In His Hands

Heavenly Metal Ballads – The Brave – Just A Man

Heavenly Metal Ballads – Rachel Rachel – Time

Heavenly Metal Ballads – Magdallan – House Of Dreams

Heavenly Metal Ballads – Liaison – Lay Our Weapons Down

Heavenly Metal Ballads – Legend – Lead Me Back

Heavenly Metal Ballads – Idle Cure – Innocent Again

Heavenly Metal Ballads – Holy Soldier – Eyes Of Innocence

Heavenly Metal Ballads – Halo – Soul Searcher

Heavenly Metal Ballads – Guardian – Do You Know What Love Is

Heavenly Metal Ballads – Creed – Broken Heart

Heavenly Metal Ballads – Chryztyne – Remmeber You

Heavenly Metal Ballads – Bride – I Miss The Rain

Heavenly Metal Ballads – Bloodgood – Top Of The Mountain

Heavenly Metal Ballads – Angelica – Carry Me

Heavenly Metal Ballads – Age Of Faith – Will I Find Love

Monday, August 29, 2016

Rick Cua – Wear Your Colors

Rick Cua – Unchained

Rick Cua – This Raging Fire

Rick Cua – Nightfall

Rick Cua – Line Of Fire

Rick Cua – Lemme At 'Em

Rick Cua – Hungry

Rick Cua – Hats Off To You

Rick Cua – Got The Rock

Rick Cua – Flex

David Meece – We Are The Reason

David Meece – The Unknown Soldier

David Meece – Seventy Times Seven

David Meece – Jesus

David Meece – Gloria

David Meece – Follow You

David Meece – Falling Down

David Meece – Everybody Needs A Little Help

David Meece – Come That Day

David Meece – Are You Ready

Greg X Volz – You Still Got The Time

Greg X Volz – Who Loves You

Greg X Volz – Waiting For You

Greg X Volz – The Next Move Is Yours

Greg X Volz – Someone Needing Someone

Greg X Volz – Outside Lookin' In

Greg X Volz – Last Song

Greg X Volz – If You Come To Me

Greg X Volz – I Believe In You

Greg X Volz – Heart Songs

Greg X Volz – Falling In Love With Me Again

Greg X Volz – Don't Look Back

"Church on the Run" with Mylon & Christi Le Fevre (Aug 29)

Sunday, August 28, 2016

First Strike – Rock This House

First Strike – Only For You

First Strike – Make Up Your Mind

First Strike – Hang Tough

First Strike – Don't Make Me Laugh

First Strike – Anytime

Sheila Walsh – What Do You Know (That I Don't)

Sheila Walsh – Valley Of Tears

Sheila Walsh – The Hungry Night

Sheila Walsh – Ship Of Love

Sheila Walsh – Sand In The Hand

Sheila Walsh – Never Give It Up

Sheila Walsh – Last Word In Love

Sheila Walsh – Keeper Of The Key

Sheila Walsh – I Hope And I Pray (Duet With Alvin Stardust)

Sheila Walsh – Christian

Sheila Walsh – Big Boy Now

Church On The Run With Mylon & Christi Le Fevre (Aug 28)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Malcolm and the Mirrors - You Are My Love

Malcolm and the Mirrors – She's Gonna Go Through Changes

Malcolm and the Mirrors – Love Your Love

Malcolm and the Mirrors – Alright By Me

Angelica – Will I Ever Learn

Angelica – There's Only One Hero

Angelica – Take Me

Angelica – SOS

Angelica – Shine On Me

Angelica – Only A Man

Angelica – One Step At A Time

Angelica – I Believe

Angelica – Face To Face

Angelica – Danger Zone

Angelica – Are You Satisfied

Angelica – Ahh!

Sheila Walsh – Where Do We Go From Here

Sheila Walsh – We Can Have It All

Sheila Walsh – This Time (A Song for Norman)

Sheila Walsh – The Calling of Love

Sheila Walsh – Soli Deo Gloria

Sheila Walsh – Savior Like A Shepherd

Sheila Walsh – Quiet Times

Sheila Walsh – Love Alone

Sheila Walsh – God Loves You

Sheila Walsh – Come Into His Kingdom

Margaret Becker – What You Feel

Margaret Becker – Standing on Top the World

Margaret Becker – Sacred Fire

Margaret Becker – Never for Nothing

Margaret Becker – Make It Right

Margaret Becker – Love Was Waiting

Margaret Becker – Giants Will Fall

Margaret Becker – For the Love of You

Margaret Becker – Fight For God

Friday, August 26, 2016

Various Artists – Voices – Tommy Funderburk – Lift Up My Voice

Various Artists – Voices – Tata Vega – In Your Light

Various Artists – Voices – Rick Riso – Heaven Must Have Sent You

Various Artists – Voices – Matthew Ward – Light Of The World

Various Artists – Voices – John Elefante & Kim Boyce – Helpless

Various Artists – Voices – Howard McCrary – In Your Presence

Various Artists – Voices – Bryan Duncan – Come As You Are

Various Artists – Voices – Bob Carlisle – Teach Me How

Various Artists – Voices – Bob Carlisle – Heaven Is Waiting

Various Artists – Voices – Benny Hester – Then You Call My Name

Idle Cure – Talk It Out

Idle Cure – Pray

Idle Cure – Picture of Love

Idle Cure – Ordinary Man

Idle Cure – It's No Fun Anymore

Idle Cure – If You Mean It

Idle Cure – Human Solution

Idle Cure – Don't Turn Away

Idle Cure – Dead Or Alive

Idle Cure – Contend For The Faith

Bryan Duncan – Wonderful

Bryan Duncan – Strong Medicine

Bryan Duncan – Stand In My Place

Bryan Duncan – Recognize a Lover from a Thief

Bryan Duncan – Lies Upon Lies

Bryan Duncan – Let Me Be Broken

Bryan Duncan – Inside Out

Bryan Duncan – Hand It Over

Bryan Duncan – Don't Ya Wanna Rap

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Michael W Smith – Seed To Sow

Michael W Smith – Place In This World

Michael W Smith – Love Crusade

Michael W Smith – How Long Will Be Too Long

Michael W Smith – Go West Young Man

Michael W Smith – For You

Michael W Smith – Emily

Michael W Smith – Cross My Heart

Michael W Smith – Agnus Dei

Michael W Smith – 1990

Covenant – Traps

Covenant – Tough Guy

Covenant – Special Friend

Covenant – Out From The Dark

Covenant – It's All Gonna Burn

Covenant – Hustler

Covenant – He's There

Covenant – Give Your Life To The Lord

Covenant – Ending Of Time

Covenant – Don't Give Up

Contagious – Turn

Contagious – To The King

Contagious – The Provider

Contagious – Hebrews Thirteen Eight

Contagious – Free Indeed

Contagious – Fighting The Good Fight