Saturday, June 18, 2016

Crossection – Where You Go

Crossection – Touch The Sky

Crossection – Too Much Sadness

Crossection – Tears For The Taking

Crossection – River's Edge

Crossection – I'm Missing You

Crossection – High And Dry

Crossection – Give It A Rest

Crossection – Fork In The Road

Crossection – Against The Grain

Avalanche – We Will Fight

Avalanche – Tortured Defender

Avalanche – This Love I Feel

Avalanche – They Won't Take Me

Avalanche – Sorceror

Avalanche – Rock Hard And Heavy

Avalanche – Pray For The Sinner

Avalanche – Devil's Door

Avalanche – Child Of Damnation

Avalanche – Battle Axe

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Radical Islam: The True Enemy

I am truly stunned that people have such little understanding of human nature. Has anyone thought about why this terrorist (I refuse to advertise his name) used a gun? It was not for quickness or reloading capability. He could have gotten the same results with homemade explosives. He wanted to personally kill those people and be seen doing it. He wanted to see the fear in their eyes as he committed this horrible act. He wanted people pouring over the minutia of his life and have his name and face splashed all over the news. If he had used a bomb he wouldn’t get that instant recognition. There might have even been a chance that we wouldn't know who did it.
Now we have a group of people calling for a ban on certain guns and in some cases all guns. I don’t own a gun. I never have and don’t see any future where I would even purchase one. Why do I even make a point of telling people this? Because in putting much of the blame on what is essentially an inanimate object we are ignoring the real danger. There where many, many red flags that were missed in the two most recent attacks. If we can’t stop someone who is blatantly advertising his hatred and his plans, how are we going to recognize those who sit silently among us giving off no signs whatsoever of their intentions? You can ban guns all you like but these people have shown their willingness to die for their cause and take as many innocent bystanders as they can with them. Thanks to Obama’s reckless and criminal policies, we can’t even stop illegals from entering this country. How hard do you think it would be for terrorists to smuggle guns and explosives in from Mexico? 
I’ll say once more what I have said many times. The attempt to ban guns is just a knee-jerk, feel good reaction that accomplishes nothing. I also attribute part of it to people who feel so helpless and overwhelmed by this tragedy that they feel they need to do something. What we need is a much stronger border patrol and to keep a better watch on people who come from or visit places that are known terrorist countries. If the Muslim community objects to this they should have a talk with their counterparts in other countries and tell them to quit committing these acts and making all Muslims look bad. If a group of people who looked just like me were committing crimes all across this country, should I be surprised and offended that the police are keeping an eye on me? If they weren’t then they wouldn’t be doing their job. 
Radical Islam is a global problem. They have entire countries on edge and the population fearful. They need to be weeded out root and branch. Just because a civilization exists doesn’t mean that they have a RIGHT to exist. Look no farther than the Nazi’s if you don’t believe me. While they are committing these atrocities what are we doing? Banning guns that they could get no matter what we do. Censoring artists, news outlets, movies and TV. Putting a little flag on our Facebook pages. Remember, these people can’t be reasoned or bargained with. No matter where they hide. From the highest mountain to the deepest cave, find them and destroy them utterly. If we don’t, gauging by their actions so far, this is exactly what they have on store for us. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

This "get rid of all guns philosophy" is really getting on my nerves. I can't believe that people are so naive to they think we can just make a law banning guns and the problem will be solved. If there is one thing mankind has become adept at it is killing other people. During 9/11 they used airplanes but there aren't calls to ban them. These terrorists couldn't have gotten their weapons or have been able to reach their targets without automobiles. Factor that in with the amount of people killed through accidents and drunk drivers (which is higher than gun deaths per year) yet we see no calls for stricter car regulations. Anyone can buy a deadly weapon (a car) and get a license to drive it with relative ease. Calls to ban guns are just knee jerk reactions so that people will feel like they are doing something meaningful in the wake of such senseless violence. If we were able to get rid of all guns owned by legal gun owners I garuntee you that every form of crime will increase dramatically and gun deaths will be even more prominent. If the criminals are they only ones who have the guns that will just embolden them to commit more crimes on an unarmed society.

Friday, June 3, 2016

On the plains of hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who, at the dawn of victory, lay down to rest and in resting died. - Adlai Stevenson
To judge or not to judge? I think a lot of Christians stumble on this point. It all depends on what you mean by judging. If you say that when someone dies he is definitely going to hell, then you're correct, you have no authority to judge him. If you mean that you are judging his behavior, as in him saying that the God approves of whatever sin he is committing, then yes, you can and should judge him. It is our solemn duty to let others know when they have strayed off the path of righteousness and delved in to sin. We don't do it in a manner of showing superiority over them but as a loving member of the Body of Christ who does not wish to see others continue on a path that leads to hell.