Sunday, February 28, 2016

Randy Matthews - There's a Shadow Over the Land

Randy Matthews - Pennsylvania Song

Randy Matthews - Paid In Full

Randy Matthews - It Took a Carpenter

Randy Matthews - In The Morning

Randy Matthews - Guardian Angel

Randy Matthews - Four Horsemen

Randy Matthews - Captain

White Heart - Who Owns You

White Heart - Where The Thunder Roars

White Heart - Vendetta

White Heart - Unchain

White Heart - Say The Word

White Heart - Light A Candle

White Heart - Hear The Tale

White Heart - Gabriela

White Heart - Silhouette

White Heart - His Heart Was ALways In It

White Heart - Raging Of The Moon

Steve Taylor - Written Guarantee

Steve Taylor - Written Guarantee

Steve Taylor - Written Guarantee

Steve Taylor - Whatever Happened to Sin

Steve Taylor - Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Numbers Up

Steve Taylor - Steeplechase

Steve Taylor - I Want to Be a Clone

Steve Taylor - Bad Rap (Who You Tryin' to Kid' Kid)

Lamb - The Sacrifice Lamb

Lamb - The Least I Could Do

Lamb - Song Of Ruth

Lamb - Sh'Ma

Lamb - Rivers Of Babylon

Lamb - In The Morning

Lamb - I Will Talk To My Brothers

Lamb - I Love The Lord

Lamb - He Is Coming

Lamb - Hallelujah

Lamb - Ephraim

Lamb - Comfort Ye My People

Lamb - Clay

Lamb - Clap Your Hands

Lamb - Break Forth In Joy

Lamb - Baruch Hashem

Newsboys - Victory

Newsboys - Ten Thousand Miles

Newsboys - Stand Up For Jesus

Newsboys - Something's Missing

Newsboys - Simple Man

Newsboys - Sea of Love

Newsboys - Love You Tomorrow

Newsboys - In The End

Newsboys - Get Up For Love

Newsboys - All I Can See

Messiah Prophet - Voice That's Calling

Messiah Prophet - The Friend

Messiah Prophet - Master Of The Metal

Messiah Prophet - Hit And Run

Messiah Prophet - Heavy Metal Thunder

Messiah Prophet - For Whom Does The Bell Toll Ps 23

Messiah Prophet - Fear No Evil

Messiah Prophet - Battle Cry

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Steven Curtis Chapman - Who Cares

Steven Curtis Chapman - Weak Days

Steven Curtis Chapman - Tell Me

Steven Curtis Chapman - Said and Done

Steven Curtis Chapman - Run Away

Steven Curtis Chapman - My Redeemer is Faithful and True

Steven Curtis Chapman - Hiding Place

Steven Curtis Chapman - First Hand

Steven Curtis Chapman - Do They Know

Petra - Without Him We can Do Nothing

Petra - The Coloring Song

Petra - Praise Ye The Lord

Petra - Never Say Die

Petra - Killing My Old Man

Petra - I Can Be Friends With You

Petra - For Annie

Petra - Father Of Lights

Petra - Chameleon

Petra - Angel Of Light

Petra - Woman Don't You Know

Petra - Without You I Would Surely Die

Petra - Where Can I Go

Petra - Sally

Petra - Holy Ghost Power

Petra - Come And Join Us

Petra - Ask Him In

Friday, February 26, 2016

Larry Norman - U.F.O

Larry Norman - The Sun Began To Rain

Larry Norman - The Rock That Doesn't Roll

Larry Norman - Song For A Small Circle Of Friends

Larry Norman - Six Sixty Six

Larry Norman - Shot Down

Larry Norman - Righteous Rocker #3

Larry Norman - One Way

Larry Norman - Look Into Jesus

Larry Norman - I've Searched All Around

Larry Norman - If God Is My Father

Larry Norman - I Love You

Larry Norman - I Am A Servant

Larry Norman - Hymn To The Last Generation

Larry Norman - Diamonds

Larry Norman - Bonus Track - Dear Malcolm, Dear Alwy

Larry Norman - Bonus Track - Stong Love, Strange Peace

Larry Norman - Bonus Track - Six Sixty Six - Alternate Version

Larry Norman - Bonus Track - Looking For The Footprints

Larry Norman - Bonus Track - Joyful Delta Day

Larry Norman - Bonus Track - I Don't Believe In Miracles

Larry Norman - Bonus Track - Dreams On A Grey Afternoon

Paul Field - You're the One

Paul Field - The Storm Is Over

Paul Field - Stranger in Your Eyes

Paul Field - Solo

Paul Field - Restless Heart

Paul Field - Radio

Paul Field - Positive

Paul Field - Nearly Midnight

Paul Field - Just Around the Corner

Paul Field - Has to Be You, Has to Be Me

Paul Field - Fairfight

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rachel Rachel - There Ain't Enough Love

Rachel Rachel - The Way To My Heart

Rachel Rachel - Something Of You

Rachel Rachel - Rain On Me

Rachel Rachel - Papa Can You Hear Me

Rachel Rachel - Outside Looking In

Rachel Rachel - Long Lost Love

Rachel Rachel - In The River

Rachel Rachel - I Will Stand By You

Rachel Rachel - David's Dance

Rachel Rachel - Carry On My Wayward Son

Mylon Lefevre - Trains Up In The Sky

Mylon Lefevre - The Warrior

Mylon Lefevre - So Help Me God

Mylon Lefevre - Morning Star

Mylon Lefevre - Love Lasts Forever

Mylon Lefevre - I Will Rejoice

Mylon Lefevre - He Is Strong

Mylon Lefevre - Gospel Ship

Mylon Lefevre - Crucible Of Love

Bryan Duncan - We All Need

Bryan Duncan - Walkin'

Bryan Duncan - Sunday Go To Meetin'

Bryan Duncan - Puttin' In The Good Word

Bryan Duncan - Mr Bailey's Daughter

Bryan Duncan - Lunatic Friend

Bryan Duncan - Leave Your Light On (Hopeless Moon)

Bryan Duncan - I Love You With All My Life

Bryan Duncan - Blessed Are The Tears

Bryan Duncan - All Is Forgiven

Bryan Duncan - Ain't No Stoppin Now

Idle Cure - So Many Faces

Idle Cure - Runnin'

Idle Cure - One For The Money

Idle Cure - Just Believe It

Idle Cure - Hungry Hearts

Idle Cure - How Long

Idle Cure - Frontline

Idle Cure - Draw The Line

Idle Cure - Barter Mercy

Why we can now declare the end of ‘Christian America’
I've been saying this for years. Look at our popular music, TV shows and movies. My guess is that there are about 10 to 15 percent true Christians in America that practice what they preach. The rest are just dilettantes who go to church because that makes them look good to other people. Over the years I've known many people who go to church and the very next day they are cussing, talking bad of others and generally ignoring everything that the preacher talked about. "They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him" ~ Titus 1:16. That is not to say that I am, by any means, I am exemplary Christian. I'm sorry to admit that I have many weakness's that I pray about daily. That being said, I know my heart is always seeking God so you can see in my life I am making an effort to be the best Christian that I can be (that's not to say that good works are, by themselves, a pathway to heaven). Sadly when I look at others I don't even see the vaguest attempt to follow any Christian precepts.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

David And The Giants - You're Gonna Be Somebody

David And The Giants - To Know Him Is To Love Him

David And The Giants - Moving On Up

David And The Giants - I've Been Drinking

David And The Giants - I Can Depend On You

David And The Giants - I Am Persuaded

David And The Giants - Holy Rain

David And The Giants - Higher

David And The Giants - Fire

David And The Giants - Are You Ready

NEEDTOBREATHE "Brother feat. Gavin DeGraw" [Official Video]

Monday, February 22, 2016

Barren Cross - Two Thousand Years

Barren Cross - The Stage Of Intensity

Barren Cross - Out Of Time

Barren Cross - Love At Full Volume

Barren Cross - Inner War

Barren Cross - Escape In The Night

Barren Cross - Bigotry Man (Who Are You)

Fireworks - Unless God Builds Your House

Fireworks - Thanks To You

Fireworks - Maybe I'll Trust You Now

Fireworks - Let Me Be The One

Fireworks - Legal Now

Fireworks - Givin' It Up

Fireworks - Cleanin' Up Our Act

Fireworks - Can't Stop Running

Fireworks - Adam

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pat Terry - Too Many Voices

Pat Terry - The Right Place

Pat Terry - Steal Away

Pat Terry - Sounds So Simple

Pat Terry - Open The Door

Pat Terry - Nothing I say

Pat Terry - I'll Come Back To You

Pat Terry - Don't Take It To Hard

Pat Terry - Can't Be Satisfied

Daniel Amos - Walls Of Doubt

Daniel Amos - Through The Speakers