Monday, June 29, 2015

Undercover - Three Nails

Undercover - The Anthem

Undercover - Talk to God

Undercover - One of these Days

Undercover - Is Anyone Thirsty

Undercover - I'd Rather Stay

Undercover - Holy Holy Holy

Undercover - He Lets Me Know

Undercover - Glorified

Undercover - Boys & Girls

Whitecross - You're Mine

Whitecross - Who Will You Follow

Whitecross - Signs Of The End

Whitecross - Seein' Is Believin

Whitecross - No Way I'm Goin' Down

Whitecross - Nagasake

Whitecross - Lookin' For A Reason

Whitecross - He Is The Rock

Whitecross - Enough Is Enough

Whitecross - All I Need

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Russ Taff - We Will Stand

Russ Taff - Walls of Glass

Russ Taff - Unto the Lamb

Russ Taff - Tell Them

Russ Taff - Pure in Heart

Russ Taff - Kathryn's Song

Russ Taff - Just Believe

Russ Taff - Jeremiah

Russ Taff - Inside Look

Russ Taff - I Want to Change

Loyd Boldman - Wall Of Sound

Loyd Boldman - Sleep Without Dreams

Loyd Boldman - Red Balloon

I wanted to think long and hard about my response to the gay marriage issue before I gave my reply in earnest. First of all, and this is no big secret, I disagree wholeheartedly with the decision. Now that I have that out of the way, I was deeply disappointed with the way that I saw many Christians respond. I saw a lot of bitterness, hate and rancor from the Christian community directed at homosexuals. As Jesus hung from the cross He was forgiving the very people who crucified Him. That is our example. Kindness for hate and love towards those who are against us. Repaying hate with hate is no where in my bible and should not even be in our lexicon.
I really wish the people on the other side of this issue nothing but the best. Sadly, I think many will find this to be a hollow victory. The LGBT community stated that they simply wanted the financial benefits that come with being married. The biggest benefits that I have in my marriage are neither bestowed by man or approved by the government. Those benefits are a holy union blessed by God and the love of my spouse. The piece of paper issued by the state? It looks nice on my wall but it doesn't make the love that I have for my wife any purer nor does it comfort me when I am sick. It is our commitment to each other and the vows we said before God that make it a marriage. If they believe a piece of paper issued by the state is what truly makes a marriage then I think they will be in for a rude awakening.

Loyd Boldman - Names in Lights

Loyd Boldman - Meaningless Words

Loyd Boldman - I Have the Love

Loyd Boldman - Emperor's Clothes

Loyd Boldman - As Much as I Need You

Loyd Boldman - Emotional Shorthand

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Barren Cross - Rock For The King

Barren Cross - Living Dead (Live)

Barren Cross - Light The Flame

Barren Cross - Killers Of The Unborn (Live)

Barren Cross - Just A Touch

Barren Cross - It's All Come True

Barren Cross - Heaven Or Nothing Live

Barren Cross - He Loves You

Barren Cross - He Loves You (Live)

Barren Cross - Going Nowhere

Barren Cross - Give Your Life

Barren Cross - Dying Day

Barren Cross - Dead Lock Live

Barren Cross - Cultic Regime Live

Barren Cross - Believe

Monday, June 1, 2015

Who is the biggest enemy to our freedom? Republicans or Democrats? Liberals or conservatives? No, in my humble opinion the biggest enemy to our freedom is indifference. Freedom is hard to keep and easy to lose.
Navy’s first openly gay SEAL rebuilding his life in Bible Belt 

Or a headline that would make much more sense "Navy’s first openly gay SEAL rebuilding his life". Of course they had to add "in the Bible Belt". Adding the end phrase is just a slur on Christians implying the he has even more courage (like it was ever in question about a Navy Seal) for settling in a place that would not accept him. Oh well, you know us Christians. To disagree with someone is to hate them. Wait a minute, does that mean people who don't agree with Christians secretly hate them and are by extension racists? Hmm. Just food for thought.