Sunday, June 29, 2014

I got up this morning I saw another derogatory post from my favorite Christian basher (this person seems very nice otherwise). So, I thought we would have a little pop quiz (HINT: the answer to every question is CHRISTIANS):
1. What group, BY FAR, has helped out and is currently helping more people than any other group in the HISTORY of this planet?
2. If you are down and out, addicted to drugs or alcohol, or have any immediate financial or medical problems, which group, BY FAR, do people turn to and receive help from?
3. If you need food or need shelter from an abusive spouse, which group, BY FAR, runs the most soup kitchens and battered women shelters?
4. If there is a disaster in the US or any place in the world, which group, BY FAR, sends the most people and supplies to help out the victims?
5. Which group, BY FAR, gives the most of their time and money to charitable organization?
I know what you're thinking. "Now wait a minute, I happen to know that Christians are racist, homophobic bigots who spend most of their time committing violence against abortion clinics. I know because that's what the news media reports so it must be true!" Let's think about this. Someone must be lying or exaggerating about Christians. Well, the facts from the quiz are indisputable. They can be looked up and verified from many different sources. The news media, on the other hand, only uses their opinion and select stories that cannot possibly be representative of Christians because the FACTS about their caring and giving natures are backed up by reams of data solely about how much Christians, FAR more than any other group, contribute to society.
As to your second thought "What about those people who claim to be Christians and commit illegal and sometimes violent acts? AHA, gotcha on that one one." Well, my friend, I would like to point out that people who also claim to be atheists, Wiccans, Muslims, humanists, republicans and democrats all commit illegal and violent acts. As a matter of fact, it is EXTREMELY rare to see a news story about a devout Christian who commits any illegal act. I read the news every day and I can't recall any story where someone committed a crime and claimed that they did it in the name of Christianity. I'm sure there are some but they are not nearly as prevalent as people who commits crimes for greed, jealousy, boredom, cruelty and so on.
In conclusion, there is a name that describes people who hate an entire group of people without cause. There is a name for people who will do there utmost to destroy a class of people for the simple reason that they don't agree with them. We all know where this is leading. I will also add that Christians make mistakes, they sin, they can sometimes act judgmental. We are not claiming to be perfect or better than anyone else. We, simply put, have found a joy and peace that we would like to share with others. Not by force, not by condemnation, but by showing the same love towards them that God has shown towards us when His Son willingly sacrificed Himself for all of us. So please, the next time you feel the need to paint all Christians with the same broad brush stroke, try and remember that bigotry, in any guise, is not only wrong but morally repugnant no matter to whom it is applied.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Scientific evidence to back up the bible. It's interesting but also irrelevant. You cannot convince someone about the reality of Jesus until they accept it in their hearts. Your head tells you things all the time that most people tend to ignore. You know you shouldn't speed but you do anyway. You know you should eat less and more healthy but do you always do it? It's not until it becomes personal that you accept it wholly (or as holy). Your heart is the only thing in your entire makeup that overrides all other aspects of your personality. Head knowledge is a wonderful thing but until that knowledge also permeates your heart, it's like a car without an engine. It may look good on the outside but otherwise, it serves no useful purpose. 
I would say (from my perspective) it is irrelevant simply because to me it is painfully obvious that God does exist. Long before I accepted Christ I knew in my head that He was real. It wasn't until I accepted that fact in to my heart that it became real to me.
Just looking at the science aspect, anyone who does not allow their personal prejudices to blind them can readily see that there is just no way that everything could come in to existence without divine intervention. Frankly, with the overwhelming amount of scientific evidence that proves the existence of God, I am astonished that science does not accept the existence of God as fact. Actually I do understand as that would undermine their entire power structure by admitting that science is not the ultimate authority. In my humble opinion.

Altar Boys - Count On Love

Altar Boys - Broken

Altar Boys - Against The Grain

Maranatha 7 - Tommy Coomes - Love Is The Key

Maranatha 7 - Tom and Sherry Green - Walking On

Maranatha 7 - Richie Furay - Glory To God

Maranatha 7 - Oden Fong - He's Always There

Maranatha 7 - Leon Patillo - Don't You Worry

Maranatha 7 - Kelly Willard - I'll Just Depend

Maranatha 7 - Fred Field - He'll Be Coming In

Maranatha 7 - Crystal River - Death Couldn't

Maranatha 7 - Bob Bennett - Spiritual Equation

Maranatha 7 - Al Barrington - Old Age

Maranatha 6 - Sweet Comfort Band - Somebody Loves You

Maranatha 6 - Parable - The Plain Truth

Maranatha 6 - Karen Lafferty - Beautiful Day

Maranatha 6 - Erick Nelson - He Gave Me Love

Maranatha 6 - Daniel Amos - Father's Arms

Maranatha 6 - Bruce Herring - Perfect Will

Maranatha 6 - Bob & Joy Cull - Sail Away

Maranatha 6 - Bethlehem - Desert Song

Maranatha 6 - Becky Ugartechea - Nightingale

Maranatha 6 - Aslan - Who Loves The Lonely

Maranatha 5 - The Road Home - Psalm 5

Maranatha 5 - Sweet Comfort - Golden Ages

Maranatha 5 - Parable - Maybe

Maranatha 5 - Mustard Seed Faith - Sidney The Pirate

Maranatha 5 - Gentle Faith - Jerusalem

Maranatha 5 - Fred Field - Falling

Maranatha 5 - Erick Nelson - Something Happened To You

Maranatha 5 - Daniel Amos - Ain't Gonna Fight It

Maranatha 5 - Bob Cull - So Much Love

Maranatha 5 - Bethlehem - Bright And Shining Son

Allies - You're All I Needed

Allies - Voice Of The Spirit

Allies - Looking On The Outside

Allies - It's Never Easy

Allies - How Much Love

Allies - Easy As 1, 2, 3

Allies - Trust In God

Allies - Rock Of Salvation

Allies - Long Way From Paradise

Allies - Devil Is A Liar

Allies - Christian Man

Maranatha 4 - Wing & A Prayer - Old Gray Ford

Maranatha 4 - Tom Coomes - Jesus Is Standing Here

Maranatha 4 - The Way - Have You Ever Heard

Maranatha 4 - Road Home - Since I Met Jesus

Maranatha 4 - Oden Fong & Mustard Seed Faith - All I Know Is Jesus

Maranatha 4 - Karen Lafferty - Bird In A Golden Sky

Maranatha 4 - Erick Nelson - Pickin' Up The Pieces

Maranatha 4 - Chuck Butler & Country Faith - Pearly Mansions

Maranatha 4 - Children Of The Day - The Holy Spirit Song

Maranatha 4 - Blessed Hope - So Much

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Allies - Surrender

Allies - Second Chance

Allies - Pardon Me

Allies - Morningstar

Allies - I'll be Your Brother

Allies - Don't You Worry

Allies - Don't Run Away

Allies - Don't Keep Him Waiting

Benny Hester - Rubber Canoe

Benny Hester - Christ The Solid Rock

Benny Hester - Nobody Knows Me Like You

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

AD - Welcome to the War

AD - Tonight

AD - Time Line

AD - Take us to the Water

AD - Slow Motion Suicide

AD - New Age Blues

AD - Make or Break It

AD - Life Undercover

AD - High on a Hill

AD - Beyond the Pale

Sunday, June 22, 2014

AD - Wandering Spirit

AD - T.G.B

AD - Portrait II

AD - One More Song

AD - New Kind Of Love

AD - I'll Follow You

AD - Fathers & Sons

AD - Don't Pass Me By

AD - Children Of The Shadows

AD - The Only Way to Have a Friend

AD - Games of Chance and Circumstance

Daniel Band - Wall

Daniel Band - Wall

Daniel Band - Walk On The Water

Daniel Band - Sixteen

Daniel Band - Sixteen

Daniel Band - Run From The Darkness

Daniel Band - Never Gonna Die

Daniel Band - Live Connection

Daniel Band - Let's Get Ready

Daniel Band - It's Over

Daniel Band - Don't Give Up

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Daniel Band - Rock You

Daniel Band - Rise Up

Daniel Band - Right Heart

Daniel Band - Paradise

Daniel Band - My Children

Daniel Band - Fight Back

Daniel Band - Don't Walk Away

Daniel Band - Call His Name

Daniel Band - Bethel

Daniel Band - You Don't Need The Blues

Daniel Band - Undercover Christian

Daniel Band - Two Roads

Daniel Band - Spiritual Games

Daniel Band - Somebody Loves You

Daniel Band - Never Again

Daniel Band - In The Sky

Daniel Band - I'm Sorry

Daniel Band - I Like To Rock

Daniel Band - He's The Creator

Daniel Band - Free From Sin

Daniel Band - We Need Love

Daniel Band - Things Are Changin'

Daniel Band - Sins Of The Heart

Daniel Band - Running Out Of Time

Daniel Band - Party In Heaven

Daniel Band - Long Time Running

Daniel Band - Hold On

Daniel Band - Greedy Little Hands

Daniel Band - Black Or White

Daniel Band - You're All I Need

Daniel Band - T'ank You

Daniel Band - Straight Ahead

Daniel Band - Reality

Daniel Band - Here I Am

Daniel Band - Comin' Home

Daniel Band - Come Into My Life

Daniel Band - Power Of Love

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Randy Mathews - Wounded Warrior

Randy Mathews - There's a Shadow Over the Land

Randy Mathews - Paid In Full

Randy Mathews - Oh My

Randy Mathews - It Took a Carpenter

Randy Mathews - In The Morning

Randy Mathews - Guardian Angel

Randy Mathews - Four Horsemen

Randy Mathews - Captain

Randy Mathews - Pennsylvania Song

Liaison - You've Got My Heart In Your Hands

Liaison - You Are His Main Concern

Liaison - When The Kingdom Comes Down

Liaison - The Way, The Truth, And Life

Liaison - The Light Is On

Liaison - Man With A Mission

Liaison - Kick It Down

Liaison - He Lives

Liaison - Go And Sin No More

Liaison - Give Me One Day At A Time

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sweet Comfort Band - Your Life

Sweet Comfort Band - When I Was Alone

Sweet Comfort Band - Somebody Loves You

Sweet Comfort Band - Ryan's Song

Sweet Comfort Band - Let It Go

Sweet Comfort Band - It's So Fine Soul Tune Boogie

Sweet Comfort Band - His Name Is Whispered

Sweet Comfort Band - God's Got a Plan

Sweet Comfort Band - Get Ready

Sweet Comfort Band - Childish Things

Servant - Timeless Love

Servant - The Dance

Servant - Power

Servant - Million

Servant - Love Never Fails

Servant - Look Through His Eyes

Servant - I Will

Servant - Human Heart

Servant - Harder to Finish

Servant - Zero Minus One

Servant - We Are The Light

Servant - War Dance

Servant Surrender

Servant - Poolside Logic

Servant - One At Heart

Servant - Neighborhood

Servant - Courage To Burn

Servant - Born In The Fire

Servant - Battlecry

Kenny Marks - You Need Love

Kenny Marks - You Don't Have To Try And Be Somebody

Kenny Marks - When I Least Expected It

Kenny Marks - Ringin' The Bells

Kenny Marks - Lovin' Me For Myself

Kenny Marks - Lean On Him

Kenny Marks - In The Middle Of The Night

Kenny Marks - I Give It All To You

Kenny Marks - He'll Finish What He Has Started

Kenny Marks - Follow Him