Saturday, November 30, 2013

Resurrection Band - Who's Real Anymore

Resurrection Band - Walk Away

Resurrection Band - Tears In The Rain

Resurrection Band - Souls For Hire

Resurrection Band - S O S

Resurrection Band - It's You

Resurrection Band - Defective Youth

Resurrection Band - Crimes

Resurrection Band - Beyond The Gun

Resurrection Band - Attention

Resurrection Band - Armageddon Appetite

Resurrection Band - The Road

Resurrection Band - Surprised

Resurrection Band - Summer Throw

Resurrection Band - Richest One

Resurrection Band - Parting Glance

Resurrection Band - On The Move

Resurrection Band - Mirror

Resurrection Band - Dark Carnival

Resurrection Band - At Land's End

Resurrection Band - Another Look

Resurrection Band - Across These Fields

Resurrection Band - Across These Fields Reprise

Obamacare: Who's to blame?

The reality is that for all intents and purposes the only reason we have two parties is so they can appose whatever the other one proposes. The current health care law is just one example. It used to be that the two political parties at least made a pretense of doing what is best for the country. Now it's just a knee jerk reaction to disagree with whatever the other side does regardless of what is best for the country.
Take it from someone who has dealt extensively with health insurance over the last ten years that this current law was not well thought out and was ill-conceived (from a consumer standpoint). I actually read the bill and I tried to tell people that the law was set up to give free health care to people who had absolutely no income. That would mean everyone who made any amount of money, no matter how little, were going to have their premiums increased. You can't dump that many people in to the health care system and not expect rates to rise.
What really disappointed me were the outright lies that people who supported this bill were spouting off every day until it was passed. No rate increase and you can keep your doctor and your plan? If you read the  bill you would know that those were outright fabrications. Poll after poll states that people overwhelming agree that they don't trust politicians and now their mad that they were lied to? As an unknown author put it "Another person elected by the disinterested people to juggle the ball until some other clown comes along."   

Steven C. Chapman - For The Sake Of The Call

Bj Thomas - Happy Man

Friday, November 29, 2013

Jeremiah 29:13 "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." I'm always amazed that some Christians seem upset that people aren't willing to listen to the gospel. I know before I was saved I always enjoyed people telling me I was living my entire life wrong (not). It was only when I got to the point that I knew there had to be more to our lives than what with world has to offer that I took an interest in the gospel. If you're talking to people who are not seeking then your efforts are wasted. You will draw more people to you by the way you live than by hounding them when they are not ready to listen. Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it will be given to you; SEEK and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Jesus cannot enter a closed heart. If people don't see that you are living a Christian life first, they will have no reason to seek for that which you don't even appear to have.

Russ Taff - The River Unbroken

Russ Taff - Table in the Wilderness

Russ Taff - I Cry

Russ Taff - Farther On

Russ Taff - Ain't No Grave

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kenny Marks - White Dress

Kenny Marks - Turn My World Around

Kenny Marks - Soul Reviver

Kenny Marks - Single Minded Love

Kenny Marks - Running on Love

Kenny Marks - Right Where You Are

Kenny Marks - Party's Over

Kenny Marks - Next Time You See Johnny

Kenny Marks - Make It Right

Kenny Marks - Like a Father Should Be

Kenny Marks - I'll Be a Friend to You

Kenny Marks - I Give It All to You

Kenny Marks - Friends

Kenny Marks - Absolutely, Positively Friends


Resurrection Band - You Got Me Rockin'

Resurrection Band - You Get What You Can

Resurrection Band - Waitin' On Sundown

Resurrection Band - Three Seconds

Resurrection Band - Someone Sleeps

Resurrection Band - Silence Screams

Resurrection Band - Rain Dance

Resurrection Band - Presence of the Lord

Resurrection Band - Light Light

Resurrection Band - Every Waking Hour

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A man of God stand on a shore
his eyes are filled with dread
The ship goes down, all hands are lost
And still the he sees no end

The shore is strewn with bones bleached white
The sea is is cursed as well
The tide is turned the cast is set
As all drift down to hell

He wakes upon the alarm clocks call
His brow is drenched in sweat
He knows it's but a frightening dream
And through it all his soul has wept

America has lost its way
The ships the one we're on
Unless we raise our sails
And change our course
We'll never see the Son

Drifting about on an endless see
There is no dusk or dawn
Without the captain to guide our course
Towards hell's gate is where were drawn

Monday, November 25, 2013

Maybe you all can help me figure something out. If I tell you that I am an atheist who has a staunch belief in God then what would you conclude? That I am not an atheist. Seems pretty simple. Yet if you have someone running around living a very sinful lifestyle and they say that they are a Christian you get the inevitable "That's why I hate Christians because they're hypocrites" speech. Let me try this one more time. Saying I'm the pope doesn't make it so. If someone calls themselves a Christian and practices devil worship then the odds are that they are NOT a Christian. Now I'll climb off my soap box (or limp as the case may be).
This is what lends credence to the lie that is the "Freedom From Religion" foundation. The amount of extra revenue this will generate is about the same as one grain of sand on a beach. The couple in this story were actually given a tax break for being atheists (which, in a non sequitur, atheism is considered a religion by the federal government) but they went on with the lawsuit anyway. Giving pastors (who do the major amount of charity work in this country)a housing tax break hurts no one and often benefits the community. No, my friends, this organization is about hate for religion in general and Christianity specifically. I say that because the FFR has never brought one lawsuit against any other religion. Hate in the guise of freedom is a terrible thing to behold.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

As a Christian you must learn to accept sin. Yes, you read that right and it's so important I'll say it again. You must learn to accept sin. I am not saying that you should not take sin seriously or ever be nonchalant when it happens. Sin separates us from God and should never be taken lightly.
When you are born again you are acknowledging the sacrifice of Jesus as well as giving dominance to the side of your personality that wants to please God. It does not mean that you are transformed in to a miniature Jesus and will  never commit any sins. To conquer sin you must accept it. You must realize that you will probably sin in some fashion throughout your entire life. Only by accepting that fact will you continue to grow in your daily walk.
We all have our own personal sins that hound us throughout our lives. Often that discourages us and leads us to question our faith. We will see ourselves unworthy to call ourselves Christians. That is where Satan widens the chink in your armor. He doesn't want you to know that while your sin displeases God, God also knows our limitations and understands that we will sin. If you let the act of sinning dampen your spirit you are telling God that His son's sacrifice was not good enough to cover your sins. Use your sins as a tool to help yourself overcome them (as in seeing what conditions make you more prone to that particular sin) but don't live in them. You have to learn to forgive yourself before God's forgiveness can work inside you.
I find it interesting that people will take portions of the bible to validate their own "truths". Instead of reading a book in its entirety and basing their conclusions in the context in which it was written, they will only take select passages to bolster their own opinion. Just keep in mind when you read the bible that you have to take in to account when it was written (as in references to slavery), what the entirety of the specif book that you are reading is relating to the reader as well as what conditions the book was written under. If you try and have at least a basic understanding of these thing then you will find that your understanding and comprehension will be much greater. This is not a road that we were meant to travel alone. Not only do we have God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to guide us, we also have our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. A shared burden is much lighter than one you carry alone.

Friday, November 22, 2013

America is a Christian nation. Let's examine that. Judging by our current popular songs, TV and movies I'm not seeing it. That must mean a lot of people are going to church. No, church membership is down. At least it should mean that violent crime in particular and crime in general is almost non-existent. No, not that either. So, why do we declare that we are a Christian nation? Certainly that's where our roots came from but now? It takes more than just saying it to make it so.
So how do we define a Christian today? People seem to think that if they generally believe in God and try to be nice then they are Christians. If they actually do that and also go to church their "super Christians". If you had sacrificed your son to atone for everyone's sins, would you be satisfied with a general belief and half-hearted attempt to be a Christian?
I know this may sound harsh to some but we are diluting the very meaning of the word Christian so that we don't scare people. We are doing a disservice to them and God by not preparing them for their walk with the Lord. He MUST be the overriding concern in your life. Everything you do must be looked at from the perspective of following Jesus. That is not to say that we won't sin or lose sight of our mission. That is not saying that we should attempt to be perfect because that would be impossible. If you accept Jesus His grace has covered your sins and He will be there and love you even when you fail. It is the act of sincerely making God the number one thing in your life that defines us as Christians.
So what's the deal with vegans? What are we doing to prevent them from forcing their views on others? They have special vegan aisles in grocery sores. They are required to have a vegan dish in school cafeterias. When I talk to them they tend to treat me like I'm inferior because I eat meat. I have read many articles praising their lifestyle and yet as a Christian I am told I am judgmental. I don't get it.
Let me give you a little advice. If you meet a Christian who looks down on you and treats you badly because they view you as an unclean sinner then that person is a fool. Being a Christian means that we were on death row for crimes against God until we accepted Jesus and were pardoned. Forever. His grace set us free and we can claim no credit for a gift freely given.
As Christians we have deep knowledge of sin because we do it all the time. We do not see ourselves as better or more holy than anyone else (or at least we shouldn't). I am not sitting on some high mountain looking down on others. As a matter of fact, since I know what sins I have been forgiven I often find myself having trouble believing that I am as good as anyone until God reminds me of my own self worth. That is the other fiction about God. God uplifts your spirit He does not tear it down.
My one prayer is that I could convey to others what it is I feel when I kneel down and pray. It is a sense of everything being right down to the core of my soul. It is absolute peace and an overwhelming feeling of love from God as well as love for those who still need Him. I'm not saying that it will be like that every day or that as a Christian you still won't have problems. You will however have a different perspective and see them in a different light. ~ dg

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I saw a sign outside of a church today that I thought was very apropos:
"If you don't walk it then don't talk it."
Can you even comprehend the amount of love God has for us? First he creates a paradise for us and gives us dominion over everything yet we cannot even obey one simple command. Still He loves us. Then He sends His Son to earth and He preaches peace, He heals the lame, feeds he poor and raises people from the dead. And how do we repay Him? We crucify His Son! Still He loves us. There is just no way that level of love could be understood by us until we reach heaven and truly understand what the word love means. Praise God and our Lord Jesus for a love that is so encompassing that it defies our wildest dreams.

Mustard Seed Faith - Whatever Happened

Mustard Seed Faith - Sidney The Pirate

Mustard Seed Faith - Miracle

Mustard Seed Faith - Might Come Tonight

Mustard Seed Faith - Lost Inside Your Love

Mustard Seed Faith - He's Always There

Mustard Seed Faith - Fault Line

Mustard Seed Faith - All I Know (+playlist)

Mustard Seed Faith - Dual Pathways

I hear all the time about Christians being "judgmental". Now let's examine that for a minute. If you have someone you care about engaging in destructive behavior and you try and help them, it is seen as being a good friend. If you see a loved one being scammed out of money and you try and help, it's being a good sibling. Yet if you see someone engaging in activities that could lead them to hell and you point it out, you're being judgmental.
It's one thing to point out someone's destructive lifestyle so that you can feel better about yourself. As Christians, we know that it is only through God's grace that we are saved and through no action of our own. For myself, as a Christian, it would be like passing someone who is hanging off of a cliff by a tuft of grass and not stopping to help them. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't do everything I could to help save them.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ArkAngel - To A Sleeping Infidel

ArkAngel - Realization

ArkAngel - Praises In The Old Tongue

ArkAngel - Praises In The Old Tongue

ArkAngel - Paradox Disciple's Song

ArkAngel - Pange Lingua Certaminis

ArkAngel - Morning's Anthem

ArkAngel - Greater Love

ArkAngel - Dwelling Place

ArkAngel - Ark

Monday, November 18, 2013

Force 3 - Warrior of Light

Force 3 - Don't Give Up

Force 3 - Miracles

Force 3 - See the Light

Force 3 - Golgotha He Is Risen

Force 3 - Wondering

Force 3 - Trouble on the Streets

Force 3 - Heartbeat

Chuck Girard - Sometimes Alleluia

Chuck Girard - Slow Down

Chuck Girard - Lay your burden down

Chuck Girard - Tinagera

Chuck Girard - Galilee

Chuck Girard - Everybody Knows For Sure

Chuck Girard - Quiet Hour

Chuck Girard - Evermore

Chuck Girard - You Ask Me Why

Chuck Girard - Rock 'n Roll Preacher

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I see God upon a golden throne
looking down upon the earth
The suffering, the evil, the wanton sin
and the lies that give it birth

We sit and stare with a jaundiced eye
as we let the evil take control
our faith is weak our prayers our cold
and our Saviors story is left untold

Our Father's tears streak down His face
as he cries for the ones that are lost
He waits for us who know the way
to lead them towards the cross.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


My granddaughter (Krista, who is 6 yrs. old) and stepdaughter moved in with me four months ago when she left her girlfriend. My stepdaughter (Elizabeth), who has a long criminal history, and a history of mental illness and alcoholism, was arrested and incarcerated. My wife and I assumed responsibility of Krista. Her ex girlfriend (Kelly), who unbeknownst to us at the time, had my stepdaughter notarize a paper saying that in the event she was unavailable, Kelly would get custody of our granddaughter.
The police and the office of children and youth have now taken Krista and placed her Kelly. We live in a nice home, have watched Krista numerous times, and have no criminal History. We let Krista and Elizabeth move in with us before when her and her girlfriends family were kicked out of their section 8 housing because the neighbors complained about the numerous visits by the police. Their both on disability and welfare and we watched Krista when they went on vacation to the Caribbean for a week. A couple of months before that they went to Trinidad for a week.
Kelly (the ex) and her family all have an EXTENSIVE criminal history. I don't understand why CYS have not requested the video I have where two members of the family that she is staying with are holding a third one down, and Kelly, the one taking care of Krista, hears Krista crying hysterically for her mommy and Kelly screams at her to "shut the f*** up and sit her ass down". Or the paper I have in their own hand writing that clearly shows that the are defrauding welfare and unemployment. I have text messages on my step daughters phone were she claims that one of the family members raped her when she and Krista were visiting. The one she accused of raping her texted her back and apologized.
Krista herself has told me that one of the family members has had to be restrained from trying to beat her with a belt. Here are some more things she told me: Her mommies are constantly drunk, she has woken up at night and found out that she was left in the house at night alone, that while she may look white on the outside she’s really black. Kelly children have pinched, hit and bitten her.
Here is a copy of my most recent email from CYS and my reply:
Dear Mr. Gordon:
I read your email and looked into the case.  Your love and concern for this child is very evident.  I also understand that this family arrangement is complicated.
It is my understanding that Kelly has a notarized paper indicating that she is to care for Krista in the event Liz is unable to do so.  We have met with the child and been in the home environment.  At this time there are no safety threats/concerns that indicate that the child is unsafe in her current living situation.  Since the child is determined to be safe in her current living situation the Agency has no authorization to intervene regarding the custody of this child. Custody in private matters , between relatives etc, is handled by the family courts and I would recommend you seek an attorney for advice regarding your granddaughter.
I’ve asked the worker or supervisor to give you a call and let you know how Krista is doing.  Due to confidentiality we can only provide certain information and will not be able share any specific details about Kelly.

Crystal A. Gingrich, MSW, LSW
Executive Director
Lancaster County Children & Youth Agency
To Mrs. Gingrich:
I also have a notarized paper saying Krista should be with me. This just goes to show you how unstable her mothers are. I also told the social worker that her mother was usually drunk or stoned so when it comes down to it, her paper was worthless because her biological mother has been in and out of mental institutions and has a history of substance abuse. Who knows if she was even sober or in her right mind when she signed it. I still can't figure out how she was able to take Krista out of Smoketown elementary in the middle of the day when I was told she would not be allowed to do it. Everyone I talked to who has kids said that even they have to have all kinds of paperwork to pull their own children out of school. The school told me that they were in contact with children and youth when Kelly took her out of school and they said it was alright. Kelly has no biological relationship with Krista.
How does living with rapists, thieves, arsonists, and people who are defrauding welfare and social security constitute "being safe in her current living situation". Oh, I get it, as long as they are not currently doing any illegal activities at the precise moment a social worker shows up, it's a safe environment. Now that the case is closed they can go back to drinking all day long, smoking pot, stealing, setting fires, raping women, etc. EVERY person in that house has a criminal record, and were not talking about one incident that happened years ago, we are talking about ongoing, continual illegal activities.  Kelly was cited THIS YEAR for getting in a physical altercation with her own son and daughter. On Kelly's facebook page yesterday she said that she was going to stay in bed all day, get drunk, and watch football. Who's watching Krista? As far as talking to Krista, I already told you that she has been conditioned not to say anything bad about her mother's because they told her that the police would take her and them away and put them in prison. The only time Krista see's a doctor is when she is very sick, they don't even take her for regular check-ups. When Krista was in her last school, Kelly was cited numerous times for truancy. I received only one phone call from her mother in prison and that was to ask about Kelly, and not one question about her own daughter. I could go on and on, but apparently you have no interest in hearing from the ones who's "love and concern is evident." I don't want your platitudes, or your condescending clich├ęs. Behind your disguises and rhetoric, you willing ruined a child's life. On top of all that you are telling an unemployed man with a severely ill wife that I have to raise thousands of dollars for a lawyer to rescue my granddaughter from a situation that you put her in to.
Every day you can read stories where some innocent child was beaten, molested or killed even though the people from social services made constant visits to the house. Now, I see why. I am in the process of contacting every child advocacy group, the ACLU's human's right division, the news media, and every agency I can think to contact telling them exactly what kind of environment that you have placed my granddaughter in.  Your office has made absolutely no effort to look at the evidence I have which shows a pattern of abuse and neglect. Since this whole episode started the people of your office have been rude to me, ignored repeated requests for information, and treated me as if I were the one who did something wrong.

AS I read this document, CYS, Smoketown elementary, and the East Hempfield police all screwed up big time when they allowed Kelly to take her away from where she was living. The police and cys both told the school that because of her notarized paper, that they had to let her go. It CLEARLY states on the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas website that Krista should have stayed at the place she was currently living and the document that Kelly had is irrelevant. IT CLEARLY STATES THAT HER NOTARIZED DOCUMENT MAY NOT BE HONORED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT, THE COURTS, OR THE SCHOOLS.

A biological parent, a custodian of a minor child, or a court ordered legal guardian may designate a person be either a temporary or a permanent guardian of a minor child. The guardianship would give the designated person the ability to assume the duties of the natural parent or legal guardian of the child, including, but not limited to:
Enrolling the child in school;
Seeking and receiving medical attention for the child;
Seeking and receiving emergency medical attention for the child;
Seeking and receiving psychological attention for the child;
Applying for support for the child;
Taking the child on a vacation out of the state and/or the country; and/or
Applying for welfare for the child.
There are two (2) types of guardianships. The first one is a temporary guardianship, which is a written agreement between 1) the biological parents or a custodian of a minor child, or a court ordered legal guardian ("Parents") and 2) another adult named in the contract ("temporary guardian"). It is often called a power of attorney appointing temporary guardianship for a minor child. This temporary guardianship may be cancelled at any time by either party to the guardianship. This type of guardianship contract is not legally enforceable by the court. A notary should witness the signatures of the people signing the guardianship agreement. However, this only means that a notary confirms that the persons signing the document are actually the persons they claim to be. Having the document notarized does not make the document legally binding. This is not a court order, and it may not be honored by law enforcement officers, nor by the courts, in any dispute.
Temporary guardianships may be limited in purpose or time. For example, the guardianship agreement could be limited for the purpose of receiving medical attention so that someone could assist in taking your child to the physician. The guardianship agreement could be for a period of time so that the guardian could take your child on a vacation or perhaps care for your child while you are on a vacation. A guardianship agreement could also be limited in purpose and time.
Both "parents" should sign the guardianship agreement, unless the other parent’s rights are terminated, the other parent’s whereabouts are unknown, or the other parent is institutionalized. The "parents" assigning the guardianship should be certain that they trust the "guardian" with whom they are placing the child. In some cases, the "guardian" may not be willing to return the child when the "parents" decide to cancel the guardianship agreement. This would result in the "parents" having to file a custody complaint against the "guardian" to request a court order to have the child returned. Depending on the amount of time the child has been with the guardian, and the reasons the child has been with the "guardian," it could be difficult to get the child back.
There are various risks in designating a temporary guardian for your child. In addition to the above discussed difficulty in canceling the temporary guardianship if the guardian is not cooperative in returning the child, some of those other risks are as follows:
The temporary guardianship may not be honored by a school or a physician, etc

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'll Never Let Go Of Your Hand by Don Francisco

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Keith Green - How Can They Live Without Jesus

Tom Stipe - Big City Blues

Aslan - Who Loves The Lonely
Sometimes I think the Amish have the right idea. We have technology from the space age and a mentality from the stone age. With all of our advanced technology that should be dedicated to wiping out disease and feeding the starving masses we have instead: Iphones, flat screen tv's, luxury cars and bombs that could send us back to our current mentality...the stone age.
While our technology has grown exponentially our attitudes have stagnated. It's still all about who has the best of everything. Which brings me the most worthless word in our vocabulary: bling. If there was ever a word that is the very definition of hedonism this would be it yet it is a word that describes our very society. How about we go with less "bling" and just simply live for the King.
PS I hate the term "baby momma". What's next? How about "He's my "father daddy" or "sister sibling". UGH!