Monday, January 14, 2013

Bob Dylan - I Believe In You

Allies - Take Me Back

Allies - All Day, All Night

AD - We Are The Men

AD - Lead Me To Reason

AD - All Creation Sings

AD - Zion

AD - Up From The Wasteland

AD - The Fury

AD - Progress

AD - Heartland

ArkAngel - Elohim Considers Antedeluvia

Prodigal - Under The Gun

Prodigal - Push and Shove

Prodigal - Just Make Up Your Mind

Prodigal - Incommunicado

Prodigal - Burn It Up

Prodigal Shout It Out

Prodigal - Just What I Need

Prodigal - Emerald City

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Law of God or man?

In a moral society, why would we need laws? Do people obey the law because they are afraid of being punished or because they believe that it would be morally wrong to disobey the law? Is murder wrong simply because society has deemed it so or are there moral implications? If there are no moral objections, then what right does society have to tell us what we can or can't do? 
That, in a nutshell, is the big problem with atheism. In an atheistic society, laws are simply a form of oppression designed by people who want to control the masses. Think about it. No God means that our laws were designed by a group of people who, in the scheme of things, are the same as you and I. They're born, they live and then they die. Why shouldn't the strongest impose their will on the weakest? Because it would be wrong? Why would it be wrong?
There is a common belief that says society determines that murder is wrong because that is the way we were raised, not because of morals. Murder has been against the law, in many different countries, for almost all of man's existence. One of the oldest known prohibitions against murder appears in the Sumerian Code of Ur-Nammu written sometime between 2100 and 2050 BC. My point being that you could hardly call these cultures morally superior so where did there beliefs come from? Even animals have been shown to have a rudimentary form of morality. All of the evidence points to a higher power. How would we even develop the concept of right and wrong without something to show us the difference between the two? Just food for thought.

David and the Giants - Look at the People

David and the Giants - Step by Step

David and the Giants - Rock 'n Roll Blues

David and the Giants - Thunder and Lightning

Don Francisco - If You're Thirsty

DeGarmo & Key - Everlasting Love

Degarmo & Key - Let the Whole World Sing

DeGarmo & Key - Too Far Too Long

Degarmo & Key Sleeper

Degarmo & Key - I Never Knew You

Degarmo & Key - Livin' On The Edge of Dyin'

Alwyn Wall - Hold On

Alwyn Wall - Doctor Doctor

Liberation Suite - Song of Heaven

Liberation Suite - Where My Home Is

Liberation Suite - You Are Worthy

Liberation Suite - All I Wanna Do

Liberation Suite - Somehow I'm Changing

Liberation Suite - Heal The Broken Hearted

Liberation Suite - Listen (instrumental)

Liberation Suite - Stride For Stride

Liberation Suite - Lay Your Sadness Down