Sunday, December 23, 2012

God's Grace

People often think of God's grace in the context of the past and what is happening in their lives now. When God told Moses to tell the pharaoh that "I am" sent you, He was encompassing all aspects of Himself, past present and future. That is the same as His Grace. It has taken care of us before, it will take care of us now, and it will take of us in the future.

Did God give homosexuals Aids?

It seems that a lot of Christians are struggling with the question "Is Aids God's wrath on the homosexual community?" To put it another way, is being overweight God's wrath for gluttony? There are consequences for breaking the natural laws that He created. Everything God does is for a purpose. Did He just prohibit sex out of wedlock because He felt like it or because of a higher purpose?
People who have uncontrolled sex lives and practice it in a way that is unsafe are the ones responsible for the prolific increase in STD's. That is why (in my opinion) God has put limits on how and when we practice this gift that He has given us. People think we are being "puritanical" in our beliefs. God knew the consequences if we abused this gift and was warning us what would happen. He didn't cause it to happen, but He did know what the ramifications would be if we broke one of His natural laws. Just food for thought.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Church: The Bigger The Better?

We have a local church called "The Worship Center". It's a sprawling complex with a huge parking lot and it looks like a mansion. There are some very nice people who go there and they are very friendly. Let's say a person most would call a "bum" was looking for a church. Their clothes are shabby, their physical appearance is unkempt. Do you think that thy would even attempt to attend that church or even feel comfortable attending?
They are what I like to call a "professional church". I know I have railed against this before but it is an issue close to my heart. Comfortable pews, well dressed people in attendance, brand new cars in the parking lot. Do you think this presents a good image to a world that already considers Christians as just a bunch of money hungry
people that aren't really concerned with other people?
I'm looking around in one of these very nice churches and I can't help wonder, is this what church is really all about? For large churches, wouldn't an auditorium type setting be more appropriate and present a better view to the ones we are trying to draw to the Lord? If you attend one of these mega churches and shabbily dressed person would walk in (which I have purposely done), how do you think they would be received. I can tell you from experience, be prepared to get stared at.
If you moved to a different area and were looking for a new church, and you saw a dilapidated church with not very well dressed parishioners, would you go in or look for a different church? The point I am trying to make is it the building that is important or the people in it? A church is a place were all should feel welcome. Jesus didn't seek out the rich and preach to them, he sought out the poor. Don't you think that the churches we build should represent that?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The big lie of atheism

Just for arguments sake, let's say that atheists are right. God is just a construct invented by men to keep the common people in their place and they are just to ignorant to understand what is being done to them. To continue with that line of logic, there is no after life and therefore no consequences to our actions after we die, and none in this life other than societies laws. My question is why should I obey any laws other than the ones I can enforce myself? What grants people and governments the right to dictate to us what is right or wrong?
Most will say that society is the one who gives us laws that separate us from the animals and lend order to chaos. Whose order? Aren't we just a more evolved animal? A group of people will decide for an entire civilization what they can and can't do? There is no God so why should we listen to a group of people who are the same as I? Why shouldn't the strongest rule the weakest? After all, since there is no God, mankind are the ones who created the concept of good and evil.
If we are to believe atheists, it was just a random act of nature that life evolved on our planet and that we evolved in to a higher form of primate. In that respect we are no different than bug. Our life is really of no consequence in the order of the universe and we will all disappear in to the ash heap of history. When mankind dies out entirely, as everything eventually does, and our buildings and achievement crumble in to dust what will it matter that we had an ordered society governed by laws?
Of course that is not the case. We were given life by God and were saved by the actions of His Son Jesus. Everything we do is for a purpose. God is the one who instilled in us our sense of right and wrong. He was the one who imbued us with the power to either accept or reject Him. As prove I can only offer you your on conscious. That our lives are just happenstance and are of no consequence belies the fact that our hearts tell us that we need laws in the first place. Why have laws if we have no morals? Where do we get morals if there is no God? If our morals are just figments of our imagination, then I submit to you that mankind is not justified in it's existence. We are no better than locusts who consume all natural resources and move on. That means our codes of conduct and our society is just a whim of a life form that just happened to develop a sense of self. To deny God is to deny the very purpose of our existence.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Resurrection Band - Gameroom

Resurrection Band - Song And Dance

Rez Band - 6 - 7 - Richest One Video

Resurrection Band - In Change

Paul Clark - Come Into His Presence

Barren Cross - State Of Control

Barren Cross - Hard Lies

DeGarmo & Key - Special Kind of Love

DeGarmo & Key - When it's Over

DeGarmo & Key - Fill Me Lord

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Resurrection Band - The Prisoner

Resurrection Band - Elevator Muzik

Resurrection Band - Stark Spare

Resurrection Band - Little Children

Resurrection Band - Can't Do It On My Own

Servant - Cog In The Wheel

Servant - Jungle Music

Servant - Ad Man

Servant - Suburban Josephine

Servant - Gauges

Servant - Tied Down

Servant - Holding On to You

Servant - Fall Out

Randy Stonehill - Emily

Randy Stonehill - One True Love

Randy Stonehill - Teen King

Randy Stonehill - Through the Glass Darkly

Randy Stonehill - Counterfeit King

Randy Stonehill - Trouble Coming

Randy Stonehill - Hide Them In Your Love