Friday, October 26, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rez Band XX Years Live - 16 Light Light

Rez Band XX Years Live - 10 Paint a Picture

Romney Obama round two

My post debate analysis:
Obama did much better. He was animated and this will surely excite his base. As I said in my last analysis, those people were going to vote for him anyway so what did he gain? Obama did well with his defense of his administration as well as (belatedly) saying that the buck stops with him. In this debate he came off as much more presidential and believable as a candidate. With the current backlash against the wealthy, he definitely scored points with his comment about not having as big as a portfolio as Romney.I believe independents will be turned off by his overbearing and sometimes hostile attitude. I believe that women voters will not be happy with his seeming disinterest in conditions that pertain solely to them. Grade B-
Romney came out strong and finished strong. I think he stumbled a bit by trying to relate to many facts and and letting himself being bullied by the moderator. He did come off as more genuine and likeable. He was much better at relating to people on a personal level. I think he needed to be more aggressive on Solyndra as well as a host of other failed alternate energy failures. He scored major points with the Alaskan pipeline as well as gas prices in general. Considering that the moderator gave Obama 9% more talking time, erroneously defended Obama on his terrorist Rose Garden comments, and generally came off as a democrat playing at being a moderator, I think Romney won the debate. He also excited his base. He garnered more independents with his personality and his ability to relate to people on a more personal level. If you believe that feminists speak for the majority of women, then Romney’s comments about “having a binder full of women” (I don’t think I would have phrased it that way) will definitely lose Romney points with women voters. If you don’t think that feminist speak for the majority of women, I think he will gain points with women. ( I was surprised he didn’t bring up the fact that women who work in Obama’s administration get paid less then the men). Grade A

Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden or Ryan

My post debate analysis:
Biden was probably told to go after Ryan. After Obama's horrible showing they needed to get their base re energized. Mission accomplished, Unfortunately, by his increasingly bizarre antics, he turned off every one else. The people who thought he did a great job were going to vote for Obama anyway, so what did he really accomplish?
Ryan was probably told he was not to win the debate, just don't lose it. He's running for Vice President. He's the facts and figures guy. You don't want to out shine your boss. Mission accomplished. By keeping his composure in the face of a hostile opponent and moderator, he showed great strength of character. This will most likely sway people who were on the fence to vote for Romney.
Debate winner: Paul Ryan

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Phil Keaggy - Big Eraser

Phil Keaggy When The Wild Winds

Paul Clark - Death In The City

Paul Clark - Transformation

July 4th Video - David And The Giants - America

David Edwards - Kicks

The true enemy

Liberals, Atheists, Muslims, these are not our enemies. Our true enemy is the god of this world who has blinded their eyes. It is so sad to see Christians treating these people so badly when they need to show them the compassion and love that Christ has shown us. We are his ambassadors on earth and we need to behave as such. When we react with hatred, we only make satan happy and give fodder to those who try and blame all the problems in this world on Christianity.

Immigration - A Christian perspective

I don't necessarily have a problem with illegal immigrants. The one thing that truly bothers me is that just as I would not want a murderer to slip across the border in to Mexico to kill innocent people, I don't want a murderer to slip in from Mexico to kill innocent Americans. That is why we need to have heightened border security.
As a Christian, if people sneak in to this country and truly want to start a new life, and thereby give me the opportunity to share my christian beliefs with them, I welcome them. Yes, I know it's against the law. If you had children that were living in an area where child abuse and murder were rampant, would you not do anything you could to get them out of the situation?
People talk about how much they cost us in extra taxes and how they burden our society. In my book, compassion will always trump the almighty dollar. What exact dollar value can be placed on a child's life? I know this will be an unpopular stance but I can't help wondering if Jesus where physically with us today, would he only see borders and nationality, or would he see a human being in need of help?

Russ Taff - Take My Hand