Monday, September 10, 2012

Respect the Bible

I am amazed at how the bible is treated. I am talking about the actual book as well as it words. Before the invention of movable type, the actual book was something to be treasured. There were so few that could actually own a copy of the bible that it was guarded and looked after. There wasn't one in every home and hotel room. It was a privilege to actually hold the word of God in your hands.
Now, it gathers dust on a lot of peoples shelves. It is mass produced and it has become so commonplace that people don't give it the respect that it deserves. That the bible is mass produced and readily available is great. There can never be enough bibles. Somewhere in between though, a lot of people have lost their reverence of what the bible is and what it stands for.
We can hold in our hands a book, that while written by men, were words that were given to them by God. We have God's words and thoughts at our fingertips. How amazing is it that we have his word so readily available to us. It may have been printed off of some machine, but the origin doesn't matter. Whenever I see someone toss down a bible, or see it collecting dust on a shelf, it saddens me.

Heaven and Hell

I have been admonished by a lot of Christians for talking about Revelations. According to them, I turn off to many people by talking about punishment for sin as apposed to Christ's love and his sacrifice. Actually, I talk about both. There is no way my earthly mind can comprehend the amount of love God has for us. It is out of that love that I talk to people about where this world is ultimately heading for. That day is getting closer.
A lot of Christians treat Revelations as if it didn't exist. It is a subject best not talked about because we will discourage non believers. It is part of God's testament to us and as such should not be ignored. I, of course, concentrate my message on God and what his Son sacrificed for us all. To totally ignore what will happen to those who do not believe is just as relevant to their conversion as to what he did out of his love for us as well. By not giving them both sides of the picture, how can they fully understand how much God hates sin and will not allow it in his presence?
You have to show the "carrot and the stick", not just one or the other. You show them the love side only, they believe that God would only send a "really bad" person to hell, you show them the hell side only, they believe God is evil and unjust. Only when we preach the New Testament in its totality are we giving non believers a true image of what God and Christ represent (In my humble opinion).

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The fall of America (If we coninue on our present path)

I get really tired of this humanistic/atheistic world view nonsense. The idea that we will get rid of Christianity and somehow create our own garden of Eden is idiotic. The perception that Christianity is part of the reason there is so much hatred in the world is not based in fact. Christians have helped more people and changed more people's lives for the better than these supposed world view "Christians" that the media occasionally drag out.
Everything that the humanistic world view is based on is your possessions and your monetary value. What is usually the motivating factor in the majority of crimes? Taking someone's possessions or jealousy. Not Christianity. Christians are the one who have given their lives over to God and made Jesus their Lord and Savior. They are the ones who are out in the community, volunteering overseas, working with victims of disasters and so on. I don't see many in the atheist community dedicating themselves to helping
 out anyone. Their main purpose seems to be denigrating Christians.
People say that our ulterior motive is to convert people. Of course we want people to convert to Christianity. The main reason that we help people out is that we are just trying to share the love that Jesus has shown us and placed in our hearts. If I believed in the humanistic philosophy I would just rely on my fellow human beings to do what is right without any guidance from God. If you want to see how well that is working out, just visit your local prison.
The very idea that at some future point in time, we will all be joining hands and be tolerant, no crime, no hunger, just all of mankind working in one harmonious unit is so unfathomable that it defies description. The more that this country turns its back on Christ, the higher the crime rate will grow, drug abuse will become more prevalent, addictions to many things will increase. The more that people try to find something to fill the void that can only be filled by God, the worse it will get. Jesus was meant to fill that void, to give your life purpose. The longer you deny him, the more material possessions that you gather to replace him, the larger that void will become. The big problem with possessions is that the more you have, the more you want. It is only in accepting Jesus that you find you have everything that you could ever want and more.