Friday, August 31, 2012

How I deal with sin

This may sound odd, but I use sin to strengthen me. No, I am not advocating sin.I  avoid it at all costs. Since I am a human being, chances are that I will sin. If we were all perfect, why would Christ have to die on the cross?
I know some of my fellow brother's and sister's in Christ seem to lose heart when they sin. They feel unworthy and worthless. Which is exactly the way satan (my spell checker keeps telling me I should capitalize satan, but I refuse to) wants them to feel. Instead, I look upon it all as a trial by fire. I use it as a means to really bear down and strengthen my commitment to Christ.
I already know I am unworthy to enter in to heaven. That is why Christ took our place on the cross. Again, since I know sin is almost inevitable because of the duality of our nature, I turn it in to my advantage. Sin is abominable and to be avoided at all costs. If we let satan use our sin to destroy our faith, we are aiding and abetting the enemy. Don't let it get you down and cause you to doubt yourself, or worse yet, doubt God's love for you. That is my outlook on how to deal with sin. Any other thoughts?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Loss of a Parent

I couldn't sleep last night and it gave me a lot of time to think. I never really realized how much of an impact my father had on my life. How he taught me to always be polite to people, instilled in me a very strong work ethic, taught me to never back down when I'm in the right, and most importantly, to always take care of your family. My only regret is that he is no longer around so I could tell him how much I loved him and thank him for all of the valuable lessons that he taught me.
To those of you who's fathers and mothers are still alive, don't forget to thank them. They may not have always been right, they may have not always been fair, but besides being parents, they are also human beings. They make mistakes the same as everyone else, and while you may not always agree with them, the fact that they are even trying to do what is right is enough. There are a lot of children in this world who are neglected and abused every day. If you are one of those, my heart and my prayers go out to you. If you are not of those neglected children, then you should give thanks to God and your parents for accepting and loving you for who you are. Don't forget the old saying that parents use "When you grow up I hope you have a child who is just like you, then you'll know what parenting is all about." :-)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

What If Jesus Comes Back Like That

Life Begins Upon Death

In the rain I saw his tears. Abused, neglected and torn down.
Though time makes fools of us all, his life has made us complete
Denial of our worldly side is what we will never miss
When we leave this dark and dismal earthly abyss
In the dawn of a new days sun blessed is the one to whom we run
A fortnight lost in the wilderness, never again to see the son
When decisions of the soul decide the endless boundary
Of what side we will choose, endless life or hell's domain.
To live in his everlasting light, or die at the end of satan's reign.

The Nature of Existance

Forty-eight years of grief and anguish were how I lived my life until God pulled me out of the muck and mire of my existence. What I find particularly awesome is that I neither asked nor looked for God to help me. Out of his love and compassion he took it upon himself to save all mankind. He did not ask our permission, he did not require that we live above the law. He set us free from sin and the law so that we may come humbly before him and simply bask in his presence.
Before I accepted Christ, I felt myself literally sinking in to a pit of despair. Circumstances and my own stupidity were leading me down a path that lead directly towards hell. When life is not going the way that, as a teenager, you perceived it, how do you deal with it? All of the grand schemes and ideals that you thought would define your life have gone by the way side.
I remember those days well. How I was going to find the perfect mate and then set the world on fire with my passion and intelligence. As the hours turned in to days and the days slipped in to years, the ideals and illusions of my youth turned to dust. I found myself lost in the passion and desires that the world told me were how I should live. Not realizing that these acts are illusions in themselves. They are like a self fulfilling prophecy that traps you in a maze of circular logic. The more that you give to the world, the more that it demands.
It has taken me many years and many trials to come to the realization that I need to live in the world but also apart from it. For so long I put Jesus on the back burner, expecting him to bless my life while I all but ignored him. I put him first in my life when it was convenient, or when I had time, but I made sure it was on MY terms, not his. Thank you Lord for suffering fools such as myself. In your light we thrive, in your grace we are set free, and through your mercy we are reborn.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Huffington Post Censorship is Alive and Well

I have been a member of Huffington Post for three years. Over the course of that time they have refused to post numerous comments that I have made. Not because they were abusive or because they were denigrating anyone. I made the mistake of disagreeing with the author. I have never been censored on any other forum.
This is how the liberal media deals with dissent. They are not about reporting the news, they are about MAKING the news. They promote anyone who agrees with their ideology, and they censor anyone who doesn't fit the parameters of their world view. I thought that the internet was a valuable tool to promote the free exchange of opinions and ideas. Not any longer. It is now a tool for the liberal press to to silence any critic and to push an ideological platform of their own making.