Thursday, June 28, 2012


Don't lose heart. There are still many Americans that will beleive in what this country stands for. We have preserved through riots. wars, and many other catastrophes. The other side of the coin is that when the republicans take control of the government, we can repeal this monstrosity.
Since the court set a precedent, we can then set a few of our own. How about bringing prayer back in to school? How about letting federal workers display Christian items at their workplace? Make the pledge of allegiance mandatory as apposed to voluntary. We can also use this ruling to take back our country. God is watching and only time will tell if we, as a nation, still have his blessing.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

TV and the decline of civalization Part 2

"WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court has thrown out fines and sanctions against broadcasters who violated the Federal Communications Commission policy regulating curse words and nudity on broadcast television."
Television, used in the right context, can be put to a host of good uses. My problem with TV is that it is such an influential medium in our society that people tend to underestimate the subtle influence it has gained over our lives. In this day and age it dictates values and trends to an alarming degree. The devil has used it to promote himself to the public and they have been blinded to its effect.
For every one program that is morally acceptable, there are a thousand more that may as well as come right out of the devils playbook. Disney's new show "Baby Daddy" on the "family channel" is a prime example. A man gets his girlfriend pregnant so she abandons the baby on his doorstep. This is a comedy. Two unmarried people have unprotected sex and the mother abandons the baby. That's a knee slapper alright.
I know, it's just TV, if you don't like it, turn the channel. I am not worried so much for the adults who have the capability (supposedly) to make their own judgements as to what's acceptable. My concern is for the children whose are not emotionally developed enough to understand the ramifications these shows have on their lives. So far it seems that a lot of parents are unable or unwilling to explain to their children the inherit dangers and influence that television can have on their lives.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TV and the decline of civalization

Mat 13:15 "These people have become close-minded and hard of hearing. They have shut their eyes so that their eyes never see. Their ears never hear. Their minds never understand. And they never return to me for healing!' Mat 15:9 Their worship of me is pointless, because their teachings are rules made by humans.'"
In today's corrupt and immoral society, sadly this is the new "normal." There is a cancer and corruption exploding through the youth of this country. I blame the total lack of morality on television. We went from the 1950's, when going to church and worshiping God were considered normal, to our present age where those who hold to such ideals are mocked and ridiculed. 
That is not to say that there wasn't any crime in the 50's, it's just that society as a whole was not nearly as immoral as today. So what has changed. The 50's saw the advent of television and started us on a long road to our present moral decay. With each generation television evolved and pushed boundaries that never should have been moved. Just because it is part of every day life to hear some people curse, that does not mean we should incorporate it into the shows that people watch. 
Through television we have been desensitized to all types of social, sexual and violent behavior. As most parents see fit not to monitor their children, these young minds come to accept what they see on TV as acceptable. In reality, we are letting Hollywood dictate what we, as a society, should be teaching our young. 
People will say that no one is forcing you to watch TV, which is true. I occasionally watch sports on television, and other than a few very select shows, I don't turn my TV on. It is so easy to lose your selves in the fantasy that it provides, but you must resist the temptation. Every day most people get up, immediately turn on the TV, and end up watching a show that have seen a hundred times before. I was getting to the point where I could recite the lines along with the characters. 
Do your children and yourselves a favor and just leave it off. God has given us the incredible gift of life. Don't waste it on the mind numbing, souls sucking monster that resides in your living room. Don't give it a chance to waste your life away by drowning your conscience in the sea of banality.  

It took a Carpenter ╬ Randy Matthews - (Eyes to the sky)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

THE SENTINEL" Kerry Livgren's 2000 CD


Sin that has held my life in its unyielding and grasping arms,
Has died away as his blood was shed to keep us all from harm.
He was bleeding and dying as our Father was taking his soul up
He sacrificed all that he was so we could know life with sin is corrupt 

The flowers now bloom on the ground where our Lord and Savior died
Satan and his minions have fled when their power over death was denied
A testament to the life that has been transformed as we where born anew.
Through his life and his blood we are restored and our soul has been renewed.

Now we need to follow in his footsteps so that our lives will be as one
If you take up your cross daily it will lead you towards the Son
He knows our struggles and our plight on this earth that lies below
His blood has washed it all away wiped clean as the wind driven snow