Saturday, February 26, 2011


He laid down his weapons. He sued for peace,
He denounced all violence
To set us all free

He lived in a time when all were oppressed
He showed all how
To be at our best

We have forsaken his ways. We won’t be denied
We have taken our swords
And replaced them with pride

Our thirty pieces of silver
Have taken their toll
What man has done
Has eaten his soul

The human race has fallen to such a level, I doubt it can ever be saved. How many people actually love more things than they hate? You always hear “I hate my job. I hate going shopping. I hate all this traffic…..”. Compared to that, how many people tell their children, wife, or husband how much they love them?
Does anyone remember what happened to Rome? You can boil down the scope of our entire world to sex and money. Unfortunately, these feelings are transitory. The more you get, the more you need until it consumes you. Our lusts and our anger are consuming us from the inside out. The feelings of pleasure and anger are the two most powerful emotions we have. If we don’t learn to control them, there is no hope.
If you truly want happiness, you have to learn control your emotions. Control is power. Your emotions either dictate your life or you do. It can’t be both.

Holy Soldier - Last Train


Michael Sweet Someday


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mastedon - Revolution Of Mind


What's on my mind

Liberals are just as inconsequential as conservatives. Our elected officials will only do our bidding when they are up for reelection. In my opinion the only way that we can resolve this conundrum is to hold these so called officials to pay and term limits. While it won’t solve all of our problems, it will go a long way
towards changing us from indentured servants to the masters of the body politic.
To many people are caught up in to trying to change the whole world as apposed to just changing the small part of life that they actually have control over. How about going next door and bringing a hot meal to that elderly couple that may live next door? How about going downtown and volunteering to help some wayward youth who is just looking for someone, anyone, who might actually give a damn.
As someone who is a caregiver to the handicapped, you have no idea how much you can change one persons life by simply giving up a little bit of your time. When its my time to shed this mortal coil, if I have just one person who I have helped, just one person’s life that I’ve enriched, then I will have counted my life on this world as worthwhile.

Their trapped in their bed
A body that’s rebelled
But a mind that is strong
Rising from the ashes of hell

Waiting for a hand
To lift them up
From the confines
Of their cell

Let not these shackles
Fetter my soul
One day I’ll arise
As a new born foal

Friday, February 11, 2011

Rascal Flatts - My Wish (dedicated to my grandaughter Krista)


Lonestar - I'm Already There (dedicated to my wife Deborah)


DC Talk - Jesus Freak

Where is the spark of divinity that lies within us all? Where has it gone? It is smothered by all of our hatred and fear. It lies at the bottom of our souls just waiting to arise. Sisyphus is doomed to all eternity trying to make it arise. Castigate yourself if you must, but place blame where blame is due. All of mankind is the culprit. An individual seams to have no courage, but the group has the strength of a lion. The pride mentality permeates us all. We fear to stand up when we are all alone, but we seam to have courage in abundance when we attack in force.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

If everyone in the world had wealth unimaginable, and sustenance to last a lifetime, how long would it be until someone was not satisfied with their worldly possessions. How long would it be until a hand raised in anger shattered the peace? I want more money. I want my neighbor’s wife. I want the happiness that seems to elude me. “I want” is the battle cry of our civilization.
Until we learn to rise above these things, there is no hope. That is the crux of our lives. There has to be something bigger than ourselves. There has to be more. Don’t let others decide your lives for you. Do not let others think for you. When you see a wrong, correct it. If you see an injustice, rail against it. Not with scorn or ridicule, but with compassion and understanding.
No one is perfect, least of all myself. It is so easy to condemn and criticize. The true test of strength is not physical, but spiritual. Evil grows like a weed while goodness is cultivated like a rose. Which will you be?
 Don Gordon

Blessid Union of Souls- I Wanna Be There